Almost Halloween! Any scary movie recs? Recent faves include Hereditary, It Follows, and The Witch, but I also like old horror (Rosemary’s Baby, The Exorcist, The Shining) and teen horror (Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer) Read more

I coached a bunch of middle schoolers at a robotics competition today. Seeing all those kids giving up a Saturday for science and engineering makes me optimistic for the future. Read more

Was this a Tell Tale Heart situation where her guilt caused her to assume investigators knew about her crime? Or is she just dumb? Why would she admit what she did? Why couldn’t she just break up with him instead of resorting to kayak murder. So many questions. This is why true crime documentaries get made. Read more

When I am stuck in my head, I try to do something physical to escape. Could be a walk or an exercise video or a dance party. Whatever gets you moving and helps you feel grounded in yourself. It can also be good to treat yourself, to a movie, a massage, a manicure, a really good cup of coffee, or your favorite Read more

At least half of my friends met their partners online. No reason not to try! Just be safe and trust your gut!
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Sorry for your loss. Could you maybe find a support group you guys can go to? It could help him see how common miscarriages are and how most couples go on to have healthy pregnancies.
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You cannot make him better. Only he can do that. Babysitting him hasn’t really worked has it? Go live your life and let him hit his bottom. It isn’t easy. But do you really want to be facing this same dilemma in a year? Five? Ten? Some addicts take a long time to face the physical consequences of their illness and Read more

Ignorance, misogyny, racism, homophobia, and transphobia are not sexy. Full stop.
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Resistance movements. From the Sons of Liberty in Johnny Tremain to Kel’s crew in Mistborn to the bar singing the Marseilles in Casablanca to the Rebel Alliance in Stars Wars to Dumbledore’s Army in Harry Potter. Read more

It is weird. But I guess any rules regulating how people are allowed to dance naked will end up kind of arbitrary. Read more

The male strip club I’ve been to had a “no male guest” policy and I wondered if/how that was legal. Read more

What’s the best gift everyone’s giving this year? Read more

It won’t pass and even if it did, Inslee wouldn’t sign. Read more

He’s married to someone else with kids. He and the first wife he cheated on got divorced, thank God. Read more

Same. Between her and Patty Murray and the bad ass women I got to vote for as helps. Read more

You are entitled to your wrong opinion. Read more

Yeah, people who hate coconut REALLY hate it. I don’t know anyone who is meh on coconut. Read more

Hard to go wrong with mint chocolate chip on an oreos crust! Adding a Drake face would make it truly magical. Read more

What kind of cake do we think Drake is enjoying? Funfetti? Red velvet? Pineapple upside-down? Read more

Anything by Tana French, but start with IN the Woods. Read more