Mar 1 2016

Frosted. Unfrosted are the oatmeal cookies of the poptart world.

Nov 25 2015

Oh shit. I didn’t even notice that on there. That’s been a looooong time.

Nov 2 2015

I’m a little late to the party, but here ya go!

Oct 16 2015

C. J. Cherryh’s Foreigner series is brilliant and so so underrated. Although, Foreigner itself is a bit of a rocky introduction because the pacing is weird. But seriously, I’ve been rereading the series lately and it just moves from strength to strength.
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Oct 7 2015

I HAZ ONE! Actually, I haz two black ones and one more who looks exactly like Vampire Kitty - but no fangs. He’s a lover not a biter. Read more

Oct 7 2015

:( We had to put our black cat to sleep in late spring and I miss him so much. I love black kitties and I know they have a hard time adopting them out but I think I can’t get another black cat for awhile. We had him for 16 years so it’s been a process.
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Jun 16 2015

It’s more important that you *do* vote. Not voting basically means allowing someone else decide what’s important, just handing over decision-making to people who don’t necessarily care about you. Politicians know who is and is not voting, individuals and precincts, and if they see that you or your precinct didn’t Read more