Yesterday 7:10PM

The cast of this is absolutely stacked and I'm not just saying that because the spoon man aka Mr slice is in this.

Monday 11:01PM

The “I know more than trained, professional experts in their complex fields because I watched some YouTube videos” mentality is really quite something. It’s a monstrous form of egotism, actually. It’s like thinking you can fly a plane without having any training in or knowledge of planes. Would most people think they Read more

Monday 6:56PM

One of my favorite things in my writing classes in college was when we’d get assigned to read a short story by someone else in the class (all anonymously), then read it aloud in a future class meeting and talk about the themes and what the story was about. It was absolutely fucking WILD to hear some of the things my Read more

Monday 4:38PM

You misunderstood him. He loves (money from) all people, no matter their orientation.

Monday 9:57AM

Company death spiral initiated. People buying less>lower profit>raise prices>people buy even less to conserve own money>prices up again>rinse, repeat>chapter eleven.

Monday 9:23AM

Because no matter what you do with them, short of crushing them, there is always that one dude at a party who tries to use them as witches fingernails like he was a kid again, and just makes a mess and creeps everyone else out.

Saturday 9:01AM

Had a cat that liked raisins. Later on found out cats should not be eating raisins. Someone must have forgotten to tell her, and she was healthy as ever.

Saturday 4:30AM

I remember getting a good giggle in the first movie when they said “Tracker Jacker”, and again in the third(?) when they talked about finding something “laced with Tracker Jacker venom”. It sounds like a Mario Party mini-game or something.

Friday 11:32PM

Hey, you know what’s fun? Being able to find responses to your own comments. It’s kind of important on a comment-heavy-site. But that stopped working. Reid, you’re probably a lovely person but we’re not here for your byline. “Hey, Kinja is fucked” well, call your damned tech support and get Kinja unfucked. Because I Read more

Friday 6:16PM

One of our cats will eat almost any people food but pull out a bag of chips and she won’t leave you alone until you give her some.

Friday 12:02PM

that was honestly my favorite part. being able to play these games on easy and then the difficulty cranks up dramatically when just one dark Jedi appears and you can get killed by a single strike. then towards the end of the games you can end up fighting two or three of these guys simultaneously. and you have to get Read more

Friday 11:22AM

we just constantly need fresh meat. in 7 years someone will be having this same conversation about anya tayor-joy 

Friday 10:50AM

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m happy that the dystopian YA movie trend died out. Between this, Divergent and Maze Runner, seeing young adults fight for their lives got too depressing. The last Divergent movie did so poorly that they cancelled the second part of the last movie so the series isn’t even complete. Read more

Friday 10:42AM

I’ve gone on about this before so I won’t go TOO in the weeds here, but Lawrence’s popularity rise in mass media is another example of the white woman we vaunt and idolize only to publicly and gleefully tear her down. Lawrence was often pitted against Anne Hathaway- Hathaway was once considered quirky, but not in the Read more

Friday 9:03AM

If Star Wars and Star Trek have one thing in common, it’s that their creators both recognized the principle that made-up sci fi names should be short.

Friday 2:31AM

I mean it is.  That's not even debatable.  It makes a morally dubious man a hero and does the whole PTSD thing on someone who never mentioned experiencing it.  Who bragged about killing black people he didn't even kill.  So I guess the answer is probably now and probably next week for good measure.  I'll end with Read more