Yesterday 9:14PM

Ahhh, I missed the mention of the “Keep Britain White” incident at the top of the article. Anyhow, can’t believe he’s still not a cool dude over four decades later.

Yesterday 8:39PM

Absolutely wild to me that one of the guys I’ve held up as a paragon of TV comedy writing for like two decades is now primarily known for doing pretty straight-faced reviews of crappy fast food items. (Crappy fast food being, of course, a secondary passion in my life.) Read more

Yesterday 11:51AM

In my mind, “Family Size” = “If you eat all of this, you will eventually be the size of an entire family”

Sunday 8:35PM

My cat in high school, Einstein, loved - of all things - carrots. To the point where we once found him digging through the kitchen trash and ignoring lots of dinner plate scrapings and assorted food waste to get to a big orange hunk of discarded raw carrot end to gnaw on.

Saturday 4:47PM

Absolutely, it’s some real Super Sloppy Double Dare crap. I only read the books and seeing those words in print, repeatedly, cut through the mood.

Friday 1:10PM

Stallone’s on that Celery Juice diet because, let’s face it, celery’s been around since...who knows. Read more

Friday 11:50AM

Turning on the dismemberment cheat was the only way to play those games. It honestly wasn’t a “cheat” since it worked both ways; yes, you could cut through swaths of stormtroopers with ease, but some Dark Side Adept jamoke you bump into unprepared could just as easily land a lucky shot and literally take you out at Read more

Friday 11:33AM

All the made up names and terms in the Hunger Games are closer to the made up names and terms for normal objects from the Star Wars Extended Universe novels. Read more

Wednesday 8:54AM

I’m having an issue on my Android TV where HBO Max won’t load any interface elements after switching from it to any other app/input/whatever, and requires using the “Force stop” menu option to get it going again. This also just started in the last week or two. I’ve had issues with twitchy fast-forward/rewind as well, Read more

6/03/21 9:44PM

And that’s because VC firms are buying up single-family homes to farm them out as rentals, asking for monthly payments above mortgage rates. Read more

6/03/21 8:34PM

I enjoyed Archer as much as the next animated comedy nerd, but it let me down because it never hit the sheer density of Frisky Dingo. At the end of both seasons, when the callbacks and brick jokes started snowballing, Frisky Dingo was exceeding even MST3K levels of punchlines-per-minute. “Skytanic” was the only Archer Read more

6/02/21 2:51PM

A series of rom-coms centered on a single character, a bit like the Bridget Jones movies, but sometimes while Betty is on a date you’ll see The Lizard run through the background.

6/02/21 2:49PM

Unfortunately, the execs have Consulted the Bones, and it turns out that what audiences really want is: Madame Web. (My guess is that they’re simply afraid of diluting the brand by introducing a second web-slinging character. Or maybe Disney had some stipulation in their co-production agreement on the current Read more

6/02/21 10:01AM

Sony loves to crow about how, per the terms of their licensing agreement, they technically have a huge roster of Marvel characters. What they conveniently omit is that like 95% of those characters are only notable because sometimes Spider-Man talks to them, and they’ve got no way to monetize them otherwise.