Dec 14 2016

If you make it to the end you’ll see she does get the iconic hair you mentioned

Dec 14 2016

Sadly, XV is probably the least interesting FF they could have done a porn parody of. Where’s my HOT GOGO ON CELES/SETZER/MAGITEK ARMOR/BIGGS/WEDGE ACTION!?!?

Even with FFVII you’ve got “This materia won’t fit there!” jokes.

Dec 14 2016

“Full Service” huh? I’m picking up what they’re putting down.

Dec 14 2016

I’m upset - I was hoping for a group of pretty bois out having fun on a road trip.

Dec 14 2016

For a moment there, I was expecting gay dudes with wigs lol .... Don’t know if more disappointed because of the lack of that.

Dec 14 2016

Judging from that picture, the guy is freaking bald. They could have at least slapped a wig on him, for chrissakes. Lazy workmanship.

Dec 13 2016

I actually think Assassin’s Creed has a great chance of bucking this trend. The structure of the series is open-ended enough that they can play with it in terms of setting, characters, how it fits into the overall structure, etc. They don’t need to have an actor playing Ezio prancing around Rome or whatever.

Dec 12 2016

I started D&D on the first edition when I was twelve. I happen to be female. It was our habit to draw a representation of our characters and use them as screens so that other players couldn’t see your notes / character sheets. Myself and the other female player always drew our characters (not well) in the usual half Read more

Mar 22 2013

Clearly Lara has been hanging out with Solid Snake...