10:01 PM

oh goody, another adventure bike riding engineer who thinks his brand of fun is the best brand

1:20 PM

Those bolts are perhaps the laziest addition to date. The amount of energy it would take to fling something like those giant bolts that far, that fast, would be insane. The bolt thrower would explode way before that much tension was created. Read more

1:26 PM

With the exception of elite athletes it all really doesn’t matter as long as you’re getting adequate protein and controlling overall caloric intake. Keto helps because it cuts out foods that typically do not satiate (high sugar), is typically adequate in protein intake, and lowers calories without having to track. Read more

3:54 PM

The only thing I would change to current trucks is add magnetic ride to all of them. So they’re super smooth when unladen, but can still haul a bunch of shit when needed.

12:13 PM

Yeah I’d be using a lot more TP to dry my soaked ass than the few pieces I use to dry wipe said ass. Unless it’s the morning after taco Tuesday, in which case I’m lucky if only half a roll is sacrificed to the gods of anal cleanliness.

2:41 AM

Every year it’s the same with this place. You don’t report on any of the racing on the Island, you only take time to post about racers dying with some sort of ghoulish attention to detail. Never any stories about the racing or the people who make it their sole aim in life to be there and be part of it. Read more

1:11 PM

I don’t think this was a concrete piston, I think they filled the cylinder with the stuff and it was basically a 3 cylinder car.

9:35 PM

It’s not BS, high performance brake pads are much noisier and generate much more brake dust and you’re right in that the difference in normal driving isn’t astronomical. But there is a difference and if you’re trying to get every last ounce of performance out of your car it’s something you’ll have to put up with. If Read more

9:23 PM

This right here. Performance brakes tend to squeal, but generally their advantages aren’t really manifested unless you get your brakes really hot. For the vast majority of drivers, the extra heat capacity of the pads isn’t worth the trade off of squealing. However, if the extra heat capacity matters to you, it is way Read more