4th scenario.  she’s found unresponsive, she’s known to use drugs, they administer it just because “maybe” and then move on to figuring out what was actually the problem.
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Maybe medical responders finding an unconscious rock star said “Hey, maybe we should administer Narcan, just in case.” That doesn’t seem like a huge leap in logic. Read more

I would guess that “I need a drip” would be a vitamin drip or whatever celebrities and rich people do instead of eat, or to supplement their diets. That could be wrong, but I’m not a professional interpreter of what people say online to be provocative. Read more

This is no Scandoval. No body cares. Not even Olivia Wilde. Read more

“We keep accusing her of this thing, despite having no evidence, and her denials are all the proof we need.” Read more

What do you want though? Like, what is the correct response here? You admit that you wouldn’t be surprised if she was on ozempic or if it were just another celebrity health regime, so what is she supposed to say if it’s the latter? Read more

Peltz, whom her dad describes as a “world-famous actress,”
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Ultimately, I’m glad Hudgens got in her comment on the whole matter, and hopefully she continues to laugh so hard that she cries. That’s one of the healthiest ways to deal with an ex who’s moved on with a 21-year-old. Read more

This is exactly why they don’t need to pay copy editors, because people will come into the comments and do it, gratuitously, for free. Read more

Santos is the obvious candidate for Republican Speaker. Who would deny the brave American Civil War veteran who led the US to triumph at Gettysburg?
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It’s one of the most popular shows on television. Calling it a “boomer” show displays ignorance of a high degree. Read more

Hunter was an adult when he experienced weight gain — he says it was a period in his early 20s. Read more

As an actual fat guy (300lbs at 6'2"), I feel like Rich sneering at “non-fat” people making a movie, when he himself is, if the internet is truthful, muscular and ripped as fuck (I’m impressed), is frankly a bit fucked up. Brendan was for many years a hell of a lot heavier than Rich is suggesting. He was obese even! Read more

Did no one think, “Maybe a movie about a fat guy made by non-fat people needs to do a little bit more than describe fatness as prescription for misery? Read more

It’s not like Fraiser was a skinny guy when he made it, he was husky to say the least. The movie did not need to hire a 600 pound person for the movie.  Read more

Being “wrongfully detained” implies that the detention is not legally justified. This detention was, under Russia law.  Read more

You can tell me to fuck off. I’m a big boy. Read more

A face that screams “Call the cops if I am 100 yards from any schoolyard playground. Read more

I don’t have particulary strong feelings one way or another about anyone’s relationships, but that dude has a supremely punchabla face. I’ll give you that.  Read more

No matter what else you think about her or what awful things she’s done, the rumor about her nonexistent illiteracy *is* sexist and doesn't make sense and isn't funny, and I don't know why Jezebel is obsessed with repeating it, but it's old.  Read more