7:57 PM

Go to Bonus in Iceland- especially if you’re doing the Ring Road so you can save some major money on groceries. But, do not leave Iceland without buying one of their reusable bags. Why? Because their logo is a pig (its a piggy bank) that looks like it’s high as fuck, it’s weird, and it’s one of my favorite

1:54 PM

It looks similar to the SGI logo, of which he is a member/practitioner.

3:49 PM

Well I just love how my company bought another company, but because their membership is much, much larger (they were a regional company- we were nationwide but small in this region)- we are taking on all their processes, membership, network, etc. I was told in November what my “new position “would be” and that it was Read more

10:19 AM

Hope Cardi B comes back with more posts similar to the one of her loosening and pulling her tight jeans down a bit in the back of a car after a photoshoot, joking about her jeans saying, “you want a yeast infection bitch?” and then exclaiming, “pussy breathin!”. Relatable. Thoroughly enjoyed and revisited over the Read more

6:42 PM

I’ve never understood the bad rap that O’Hare gets. It’s got a ton of restaurants that are top notch, lounges, and if you’ve got pre-check, I’ve never waited more than 5 minutes. Midway, however, doesn’t have shit. The bright spot was a god damn Potbelly, and now that’s gone. I dread going to Midway. Plus, unless Read more

5:04 PM

I found a PCP when I moved to my current home 7 years ago and he knows nearly everything about me physically and mentally- that’s how much time he spent listening to me, getting to know me, while also just doing his job. I played sports and have had multiple injuries- and he has referred me to amazing specialists. Read more

8:51 PM

I broke up with him in June. It was over a year. I had talked about marriage early on- and I guess with some men you just have to be extremely blunt and I should have said “IS MARRIAGE SOMETHING YOU ARE OPEN TO?” because apparently talking about it wasn’t a clue. He also has only said I love you once, to his mother, Read more

10:17 AM

I work mostly with the senior population, for a medicare advantage company. I always ask if they have had their flu shot- and I’d probably estimate that 80% of them haven’t. Why? Almost all of them say they have had it before and “got sick” or “got really sick” a few days after. A few say they just don’t want another Read more

1:00 PM

I just wish that my very security focused employer would somehow allow me to use my VPN on a flight (I don’t even know if I said that right) so that I could not have to take a day off when I have to fly somewhere during the day that takes more than 4 hours. 

3:44 PM

I’m not a romcom or romantic anything movie person at all. 34 year old woman. I watched in three times in a week. Read more

12:32 PM

I haven’t heard anything about the wolfpack boys since the press sort of faded out into 2016. I liked her approach with them, I never felt that she was taking major advantage of them, it felt empathetic and I think she served as a beacon of freedom for them. She fell into a fascinating story. Read more

9:23 AM

AH! Perfect timing. Heading there in 4 weeks.

2:18 PM

I’m not on tinder but, I recently got back online, on okcupid (ugh) and bumble. I’ve gotten good feedback on my profile so I think I’m ok there. However I really, really don’t want to deal with guys who say they want relationships but they truly just want to hook up and are not emotionally available. I’ve run into so Read more

7:45 PM

I kept thinking about how finding someone to be in a relationship with, date, bone, etc just “has” to be online now, that meeting people in person is no longer a thing that happens. I don’t like that and have trouble accepting that idea (or fact of life, whatever, it bums me out). Read more

9:04 AM

SHE’S HORRIBLE. I wrote it below but- if this all really gets out of control, she’s going to nominate dad for season 3 of queer eye.

9:02 AM

I guess -now- there’s not a whole lot. I keep thinking in Hollywood movie terms where if you want someone to shut up and you’re a royal/leader of state/etc you will find a way to get them to shut up. Read more

10:02 AM

I’m somehow amazed this guy has not been put on a tight leash. Or that any orders to shut the fuck up, Dad, have either been dismissed/ignored or not given at all. Read more