Nitasha Tiku
12:59 PM

I was 13-14 in the mid-70s, and I got a lot of attention from grown men. I was thrilled by it. Boys my age either ignored me, barked at me, or called me names. Adult men talked to me like I was a person, admired me, complemented me. At the time, it was bliss, and I felt it made me special. And thanks mainly to a lack Read more

12:55 PM

I appreciate your willingness to write a story that reflects deep ambivalence. I think there isn’t enough of that anymore (everything is always strident and polarized) but you did a great job sitting with the murkiness of what this all means about Bowie’s legacy. Read more

12:50 PM

“ can understand how Lori Maddox could have possibly developed not just a sincere desire to fuck adult men but the channels to do it basically in public; why an entire scene encouraged her, photographed her, gave her drugs that made all of it feel better, loved her for it, celebrated her for it, for years. You Read more

5:19 PM

As we have discussed elsewhere, there are EIGHT seasons, not four. Fall contains the best season and the worst season. The correct and accurate rankings: Read more