Nitasha Tiku
1:12 PM

Hi Rob! You scoundrel. You've founded a couple digital media companies, but also written a number of reported pieces, how did you decide whether to focus on the business side? And then within digital media, were you looking for something new with Niche (i.e. get in on Vine before it gets huge) or something that had Read more

8:21 PM

Hey, I'm actually working on a freelance piece about Minecraft as a gateway to get girls to learn coding. If your nieces would be interested in talking, I'd love to hear about from the perspective of the kids and not just educators. Or just get your two cents. Happy to answer any questions about the piece: Read more

1:30 PM

Strengths: I feel like you are really shameless about trying to get a Kinja bonus and I approve. Weakness: You made me drink Soylent, you maniac.