ninja wolf
Mar 27 2017

Precisely! Paul Ryan is a “wonk” in the sense that most undergraduate students are “wonks.” (I include the 18-22 year old version of myself in this group). They have ideologies on how the world should work but never get into actually playing out how those ideologies may be functionally enacted and the consequences of Read more

Mar 21 2017

It is a show about a kung fu master and the actor playing him can’t do kung fu nor can the director or editors SHOOT kung fu. Read more

Mar 17 2017

Now that President Obama has moved on, it’s actually nice to see the new leader of the free world sitting in the Oval Office, and also Donald Trump.

Mar 6 2017

There’s about 8 suggested articles suggested under this one that affirm your “jack shit” answer. We owe FEMINISM to not accept her!

Mar 6 2017

I think we “owe” it to her not to criticize her based on her physical looks. She is a morally repellent sycophant who is trying to put a veneer of normalcy on a madman; that is enough to comment on without resorting to using patriarchal beauty standards against her. Read more

Feb 26 2017

As a black person. I should be angrier then I am. But I would not wish homelessness on anyone. I feel sad that she can’t get a job. She has harmed no one and is at best deluded. There are genuinely evil people out there who have done great harm to people, whom We grant forgiveness to. Surely we can find it in our Read more

Feb 23 2017

I’m making this face. It’s the same face I made when my friend (who’s ex-wife is a terrible person and I have firsthand experience with her awfulness) posted some bizarre MRA produced video about how there’s no help for battered men on FB.

Feb 22 2017

No it’s not!! Give it up for a little while and go back and you’ll be like “wtf is this even? Why did I ever think this is good??”

Feb 12 2017

I hate DeVos but a) she didn’t type the tweet, and b) I’ll assume the Department of Education has a marketing team and they probably aren’t educators either. A spelling error happens occasionally when you are probably scheduling a bunch of tweets for the weekend.

Feb 3 2017

Fiction is labeled fiction. Everybody over the age of five understands what a movie is, and to what extent it’s grounded in reality. By it’s very nature fiction tells you it’s a show. It’s not the same thing as a lie, presenting itself as the truth. It just isn’t.

Feb 2 2017

That is a completely artificial situation you have described there. No one says “I am Batman” just as a random statement, devoid of context. Of course you can deceive people without explicitly lying, but a lie, intended to make people think things are one way when in face they are another, is inherently deceptive. Read more

Feb 2 2017

A lie is specifically intended to deceive. Stories are not.

Feb 2 2017

No, you’ve completely missed the point. I’ve alway hated this “stories are lies that tell the truth” conceit with a passion. Fiction’s intent is to entertain or illuminate; a lie’s intent is to deceive. Pretty much the exact opposite. Fiction bonds people; lies sever them. Everyone intuitively knows the Read more

Feb 2 2017

Context. Fiction is only a lie when it tells you it isn’t a story. As Le Guin said above. Stories aren’t lies so long as they tell you that they’re stories.

Feb 2 2017

It’s simple. What LeGuin does is supposed to make you think. What Spicer does is supposed to make you not think.