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I admit my first thought was, “What the %$*@ is a ham bar?” But then I remembered that I had a Mountain Dew bar as my wedding, so I shut the heck up.
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The “ham bar” angle is an interesting, if slightly obnoxious, question of culture and branding. Numerous nationalities and peoples indulge in a variety of small plate occasions, whether as part of a meal or as the meal itself. The actual label “ham bar” is more interesting/noteworthy, or perhaps the idea that this is Read more

I love the pic. You can practically hear the thoughts of that gaze:

i think the selling point is mostly ‘hey billionaire weirdo in saudi arabia, here’s a new thing you can buy’ Read more

I say we do this at the next “debate”

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Mock if you must, but who kept the airports safe during the Revolutionary War? Yeah, not so funny now, are you? Read more

That’s a fair point and I understand it takes some young people some time to grow out of their parent’s political beliefs and prejudices, but it really doesn’t seem like she has done that. She’s against Trump because of what he and his supporters did on January 6th and subsequently did to her, but she’s not against Read more

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Under the Trump administration, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has systematically rolled back workers’ rights to form unions and engage in collective bargaining with their employers, to the detriment of workers, their communities, and the economy. “ Read more

I for one never thought I would see the day where child labor was again a thing in America. Thank a Republican for kids dying in factories, no longer just their schools! Read more

Republicans will say and do anything that will get them elected. There are no core Republican values. Power is the only thing that matters to them. Read more

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One part of me says this is infinitely better than anything you can buy today unless you have north of $50K to spend. And another part of me says life is too short to drive boring cars. Read more

The 60 Minutes piece on her the other day was infuriating. This woman is the definition of Leopard’s Eating People’s Faces Party and despite doing the right thing at the very end she was still a part of the Trump Administration through all the horrors that proceeded January 6th. And she’s still a Republican. So, Read more

And how many times do they have to be told that nobody transitions in order to win at sports? Read more

“Some people are very uncomfortable about teenagers transitioning…” Read more

Tho I would thank Hutchinson for helping provide clarity on the events surrounding J6, I would certainly not be one to invite her to dinner. She was there for many of the worst moments in the Trump presidency and was 100% on board, helping facilitate it all. Good people don’t hitch their wagons to someone who calls Read more