Nikki Hall
Jun 9 2015

So Amoruso labels herself a feminist, gaining cultural acclaim and respect and free press, but once it comes inbetween her and money she is suddenly a Koch brother. Read more

Dec 25 2014

They probably have one of the hundreds of mugs or shirts you can buy with this exact wording on it and copied it.

Sep 1 2014

I can't be the only one more surprised that they sold their pictures to People magazine, than got married, right?

Jul 29 2014

I don't like coconut and this 'trend' of using the oil as the be-all end-all cure for absolutely fucking everything under the sun is annoying as all hell. Read more

Jul 4 2014

But if women have hair there they "have" to remove it. I think this is the point in the project. Trying to fit in with what society says can be hard, time consuming and expensive.

Jul 4 2014

So when she says that the guys had to shave below the neck does that include things like arm hair? Because at some point it's just a time management issue.

Jul 3 2014

Everyone looks Russian. Except that beautiful black lady perched on the Mustang. That screams "American and Fabulous!"