1/19/18 1:32AM

That’s the whole title of the post we’ve been reposting ad nauseam, right — “It’s Not That Men Don’t Understand, It’s That They Don’t Like The Answer”. Like, literally verbatim.

1/18/18 5:21PM

I think we can all agree that if we spoke to some of bruthabrads past dates, we’d find victims. Read more

3/13/17 9:56AM

Well all of the men are proactive and have agency. Even the nerdy one who goes to the States comes back with a hot chick (and one for his friend, how considerate). It’s okay for Andrew Lincoln to stalk his unrequited love. It’s okay for Colin Firth to marry his Portuguese maid, not knowing anything about her (“Lust Read more

3/11/17 5:58PM

I am an old person, and this is a “dickey.” My schoolteacher aunt had them in all colors because she always wore jackets to work, and would not show an inch of chest skin, but frequently had hot flashes so she could not wear a full shirt. Read more

1/18/17 3:51PM

I love that this painting gives us direct and confrontational eye contact, a hopeful glance upward, a watchful but open gaze outward, and a wistful but determined side-eye. We’re going to need all of these visions and voices moving forward.

12/29/16 6:40PM

If she is trying to say that little girls grow up thinking men will protect them, and then they realize that is false, I could understand that.
Read more

12/29/16 5:08PM

In discussing women-dating-women, you have brought up a subject which has crossed my mind repeatedly since my divorce. I have, after a year of run-ins with men post-divorce, throughly examined myself to see it there is a lady-loving side to myself which I may have overlooked. The answer, sadly for me, is no. While Read more

12/29/16 4:36PM

Interesting trend I’ve noticed in my own life: I almost NEVER get catcalled when I actually put effort into my appearance. It’s virtually ALWAYS when I rolled out of bed and put on a coat to walk down to the drugstore, or I’m on my way to the hair salon, or it’s a Monday in the middle of the school year and I’m fresh Read more

12/29/16 4:35PM

Honestly, though, there is no woman too beautiful to be called ugly by a man she’s just turned down. To the kind of men who insult women like that, sexual availability is a defining component of attractiveness. (It’s kind of the same way that “slut” is used as an insult against women who say no to sex.)

10/24/16 2:56PM

I don’t remember if they do it in ads for this drug, but many say either, “Don’t take this if you live or have been to CERTAIN PLACES” but don’t tell you exactly where these places are. OR they say, “Don’t take this drug if you are allergic to it or its ingredients.” Uh, am I wrong to think that the only way I’d Read more

9/08/16 10:54PM

I had a very baroque 14 year old PG 13 fantasy but it was really like unprompted? No scripting, I just imagined I was hanging out at this guy’s mansion and I remember it was always nighttime, there were double curved staircases with a piano in between where he would play for me, marble floors everywhere, and we would Read more

9/08/16 10:27PM

I have never seen this movie, but if there are wigs and cold fusion and the utilization of sexual tension to beat the elements, it sounds ideal. Embarrassingly, I think some of my body heat fantasizing came from the stupid tent scene in the third Twilight book.