Accompanying himself on the 10 gallon plastic pickle tub

Reading Ulysses is fun. It’s not have as difficult as its made out to be (alright, Oxen Of The Sun is heavy going). Finnegans Wake on the other hand...never made it past page 42 Read more

It’s not. Once you get past the experimental/metafictional bits it’s basically a page-turner that operates on the same principles as a typical horror novel.  Read more

I can tell you, having read some of Danielewski’s other work, that this, while complicated, is one that has stuck with me for a long time, and I generally hate “experimental fiction.” Truly one of the most scary books I have ever read. Read more

And it’s more apposite now than it was in 1976. Rise up, people. Read more

Al is also someone we’re meant to emulate, while Beale is more of a cautionary tale.  Read more

And the way she says “Dulce de Leche” in Spanish is intoxicating...look it up on Youtube... Read more

That speech from Network is one of my favourite pieces of cinema ever. And it’s more apposite now than it was in 1976. Rise up, people.
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Network is a good choice, but I tend to go to this monologue when auditioning actors:

Robert Duncan McNeil is way better at keeping secrets than Jonathan Frakes. He does a weekly Voyager podcast with Garret Wang and never spoiled this appearance. Read more

I’m sure Raimi, the man currently busy with post-production of the second Doctor Strange for Marvel Studios, ain’t stressed about it. Read more

This is so much better though. Also, Into The Spider-Verse was a *very* watered down version of the comics’ Spider-Verse run. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t good. Read more

People fixate on the suit.
What was bad about Green Lantern was the story and the script. Read more

No director’s cut could fix this mess . Read more

I like how Jennifer Aniston’s PR team didn’t say anything and Schwimmer’s had their day in the sun. That must have been so exciting for his PR team! Read more

Of course they’re not. They’re on a break.
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This is a weird article.. since we’ve known about this movie for a few years, and that it was going to Disney+.. and that filming is already complete (as of last week) Read more

jokes aside, what happened with Richard Jewell is truly one of the saddest things in American history. Read more