This is terrible. She was gorgeous. I feel helpless when I see these stories. Sadness all around. Poor soul. Read more

I can relate so hard that I had to stop and take a second...couldn’t believe I wasn’t the only one who does this. Even the Jason Mraz! Thank you for sharing. You made me sniffle a little and then smile. This might be a good day. Read more

Hardest thing in the world for me to do, lol! I am going to try again tomorrow for the millionth time! Read more

That is beautiful! What a comfortable space. I am so stealing. We just moved into a new space and the light is very scarce. Plus there aren’t any window sills. Sucks for my plants. I like your idea though. Gonna buy a small table and put everything by the window! I’m so excited. Thanks for the inspiration 😉 Read more

I actually met him in Albuquerque of all places. He was watching one of his bands perform at the Sandia Casino. No one recognized him even though he had like 5 huge security guards around him! I walked by and almost died (I was in my early 30's at the time). I asked him if he was who I thought he was...he smiled Read more

Jurassic Park, lol? So many books are possible with this one 🙊 Read more

Crazy, but I didn’t read any of the books until I was in my 30's. I had never heard of them. My husband suggested them and I became obsessed . Funny though, before I knew what an asshole the author was, I got such a homo vibe from Bean and Ender. I thought it was cool (a lot cooler than that creepy incest vibe Read more

“All the Black girls who didn’t fuck me in high school, I dont need you now! I got Trump and all the Wypippo in my corner. Racism is only powerful if you let it bother you. Libruls are the death of this country! Black people always act like victims. Oh, and, pull up your pants by your bootstraps...or something. Obama Read more

Me too! Headed to the big 40 next year. Gotta quit the cigs. I love them like a toxic best friend. They are bad for me and I know it. My husband has to get on board, though. We are such enablers. We screw up all the time! And the drinking as well. Getting close to the halfway mark makes you want to change some shit. Read more

I guess I am kind of an “old” too (39years young) and I feel like Im caught in the middle. I agree with your proud sentiments but as a Black woman, I just dont know how to feel these days. What Im trying to say is that your post gives me hope on a time of hopelessness. I want to believe that what you say is true for Read more

I could not have said this better....perfect. Read more

You were one of my favs. Good luck on the future, babygirl. Why are all of my best girls leaving Jez? Read more

Yep...I am going to have to take a break from social media for a while. I work with law enforcement (technically I am considered one of them) and it is amazing how comfortable some of my Facebook friends (read: people that requested me and I couldn't say no because work) are with spouting insensitive and racist Read more

Yeah....that escalated swiftly, didn't it? Read more

Classic Purple Rain reference. You win Thursday, my friend. Read more

Funniest thing I have read all day! Go-on witcha bad self! Read more

Yeah...when I gasped and said "Oh my God, Maya Angelou died!" I was met with silence and then..."Was she a singer?" I didn't have the strength to respond to that bullshit. I am having a silent vigil in my mind for her right now. This hit me harder that I could have ever imagined. Read more

Yeah...that picture is something else. I feel just fine and I gagged a little after realizing what that was. Read more

I believe she was born in Mexico City and is technically Mexican. That would explain the fluency :) It is cool to see her speak Spanish though. She is perfect to me. Read more

I know right? I really, really want to do this to myself now. I am going to do my nails this weekend for the first time in many, many years! Read more