Jul 23

Try the one with cornflakes in, that’s the best one.

Jul 11

A black woman asking to be valued according to her worth is just being greedy and opportunistic, don’t you know? David gave her a chance but she totally failed to be properly grateful to these white people for deigning to try and use her for publicity, so he has to condemn her now.

Jul 9

What the fuck is the snark with Bill Nye?!? And doubly so on a video educating people on the use of masks? You often talk about “reading the room,” so read the fucking room. Read more

Jun 3

Yeah, all of the above is true, but I’d argue that the *way* they’re featured is more important than the sheer fact that they’re featured. All the black ad latino characters are either gang members (Toni’s a Serpent, all of Veronica’s family are gangsters, all the other Latino cast members are also featured via the Read more

May 30

Yep, she needed the ability to keep him away from her for a period of time and him locked up currently is her out. If she left him any other time, he could track her down with a callout on her license and such. Read more

May 30

Not a lawyer but I’m assuming this move is to protect financial assets and property? They have a second home in Florida, so there must be finances there that will be depleted in his defense or seized in civil suits. She’s trying to get her half before he has nothing. Or, in the least, this delays their financial Read more

May 28

I hate showers. As a disabled person, they just don’t do it for me. Besides, it’s impossible to soak in scented oils, read a book or drink wine in the bloody shower! A nice soak in the bath, however... Much better!

May 20

Oh I wasn’t aware I had to be personally attracted to the actors to enjoy the content. This will be a revelation for porn viewers everywhere.

May 15

“...some restaurant in Los Angeles called the Apple Pan.” FYI, The Apple Pan is a gem; a landmark West LA burger joint. Unchanged since 1947, it’s the kind of place you’d expect to find a femme fatale straight out of a James M. Cain film noir, like Joan Crawford as Mildred Pierce or Lana Turner in The Postman Always Read more

Apr 8

Put “Can’t Get You Outta My Head” on a loop for ultimately black humor. lol