Oct 11

I just saw the Fiona Apple clip when a friend sent it to me and it made me cry - something about her closing her eyes to play piano and sing but also being so god damn *powerful.* Absolutely wrecked me.  I've always been a fan but that album is one of those no-skips, perfect start to finish masterpieces, and it got me Read more

Oct 5

I am so exhausted of looking at that weird plastic skinned alien face every time I come on this site. Tomorrow can you at the very least use a pic with his mouth closed?

Oct 2

You don’t have to be some genius to pull a lie out of your ass, as Trump has demonstrated over the past 4 years.

Lying about having COVID benefits him in several ways:

1) it distracts from the Guilfoyle and Melania scandals, as well as the exposure of his taxes.

2) it gets him out of the debates, which were considering Read more

Oct 2

I think if he were going to lie about having the virus, he would have lied about it in March or April just to say “See, it’s no big deal.”

Oct 2

The first thing I thought of when I saw that sweet, sweet WaPo notification on my iPad was Diana belting, “CAN YOU...FEEL THE...BRAND NEW DAY!!”

Oct 2

Yes. I don’t believe it. The timing is far too perfect — right after a horrendous performance at the first debate, his tax corruption is finally released? Nah. His modus operandi is to deflect, and look how well it’s working. He will likely have a miraculous cure (no doubt created by a company owned by family) and Read more

Oct 2

Now that I’ve slept on this, I have mixed feelings. Overall, I’m doing the schadenfreudiest dance I’ve ever fucking done, but I have some thoughts. Read more

Sep 21

huggggsss In my ex’s thinking, as long as he wasn’t hitting me, he did not do anything wrong. Never mind the screaming all night, keeping me up, Repeating his ramblings over and over. It’s been 7 blissful weeks without him

Sep 2

I mean, I think he has a nice build and stuff, but this pic is reminiscent of uncooked chicken.

Sep 1

We put S’s where we see fit, but we take them off too. Ain’t nobody going over to “Chris’s house.” It’s just Chris house.

Aug 17

I, too, enjoy loosely following Claudia’s antics on Tiktok and Twitter. It is pretty funny most of the time to see her 1: directly challenging her parents’ ignorant beliefs (and listen, I know we are all Team George right now bc he’s anti Trump, but George Conway has some seriously problematic, backward ass views like Read more