Sep 2

Or one could score a giant, perfect-condition leather (Kate Spade, fwiw) tote from Beacon’s Closet for $30.
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May 6

The wine, which I can only assume tastes okay, as there are no reviews of it on Nocking Point’s website, is still available for purchase. Read more

Apr 20

A friend posted a link on her social and I bought a case before I knew it was associated with “famous people,” as I would any Pinot from Willamette at a $25 price point. Oregon Pinot’s > Anywhere Else!
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Mar 1

For my sister’s 50th, my mom rented a fancy-ass house in Hawaii (my sister lives there), and low-key reached out to all of my sisters friends, months in advance, to organize a surprise party. I had just lost my job, but flew in from the east coast because that’s what you’re supposed to do, right?
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Jan 3

Wasn’t there a vote to cancel the pink-haired youtubes super-villains, and their ‘influencer’ ilk?

Jul 17 2019

I find myself consistently in awe of the creative talent Bey works with. Visually, sonically physically moving. This is some serious Wakanda 👏🏾 for 👏🏾 fucking 👏🏾 ever 👏🏾 shit right here. Read more

Jun 27 2019

Can someone please revive Shade Court? Immediately? I interpreted ARod’s response as shady as hell!

May 8 2019

Claire Daines’ dress lit up and all (and is my personal fave), and I’ma let you finish, but Katy Perry did the LED thing back in 2010...

Feb 26 2019

Come to Austin, where your waiter at the bougie French place will also be wearing that hat. Pleuvoir ou soleil. 

Dec 15 2018

You are not alone. On any point. Staring 50 in the face and starting over is the new 40, apparently. Read more

Sep 14 2018

If they take my sweet, sweet Manny, I will lose what little hope I have left...Power killed off Baby Girl, and I am still not over it.

Aug 29 2018

The People’s Highway named for The People’s President! 

Aug 9 2018

We should all be so confident. No matter whose uglies we want to bump. And this time, I really do blame the media...