Jul 17 2019

“Awww, that ain’t right. Those are American heroes. You just can’t go disrespecting them. Putting your bare feet...on their...*gulp* faces. Just your....naked toes on the lips and eyes....”

Jul 17 2019

And now we have, I don’t know—at one point in time there were 65 waivers that were given in a year.
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Jul 16 2019

It’s nigh impossible to find a least-favorite Modern Journalism Trope, but referencing a subject’s “revenue streams” and “business savvy” because they’re cool and rich enough to get their ideas listened to by less cool but richer people is in my Top 10. 

Jul 13 2019

When you miss a 50/50 ball because you know anything but a devastating shot will get roasted, is that an “unforced error”?

Jul 13 2019

Halep came off as very charming in her on-court speech after the victory.  Happy to see her take her grass play to an all new level.  Well-earned victory for sure.

Jul 13 2019

Martina Navratilova, Chris Evert and Steffi Graf have won significantly more singles titles than Serena and hold other important records, so in terms of records and titles, hers isn’t even the strongest case for GOAT. No one, male or female, has come close to Steffi’s era of dominance from the mid-80ies to mid-90ies, Read more

Jul 11 2019

Not the first time a company has had a rouge employee tweet something stupid.

Jul 8 2019

she already showed us what she was made of, both metaphorically and literally, by triumphantly proclaiming that ACTUALLY she is 1/1054th Native American, and so there’s no way Trump can call her Pocahontas anymore. Read more

Jul 3 2019

First, it was the HOAs, and I didn’t care because I didn’t live in an HOA....

Jul 2 2019

I had the opportunity to hear Iacocca speak several times in my first several years as a new Chrysler employee. Looking back, what I most remember is his unbelievable ability to project confidence and instill pride in what we were accomplishing. We were always the underdog of the Big 3, yet, we all knew we had the Read more