Jan 8 2016

No, he deserved an Oscar for both “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?” and “The Aviator”. If (*coughs*when*coughs*) he wins for the Revenant, I’ll treat this like I treated Denzel Washington’s win for “Training Day”... I’ll pretend he won for one of his better performances (in Denzel’s case, “Malcolm X”).

Jan 6 2016

Dakota and Melanie got rich and famous because of Hollywood ageism and sexism. They got acting jobs because they were young, slim, blonde, white, and conventionally beautiful enough to look good on a movie screen. It’s a little hypocritical to use a beauty standard to achieve success and then bitterly complain once it Read more

Sep 18 2015

In a more serious response. Sometimes, especially once they are teens, let ‘em get away with the lie. Kids, especially tweens and teens, treasure those little victories. Occasionally throw them a bone, and even though you got them bang to rights, let them off with it and pretend you didn’t catch them and that you Read more

Aug 3 2015

^ Is this entire comment some kind of meta satire that I’ve become too old and uncool to understand?

Jun 26 2015

Pretty sure this is what happened to me that time I ate at Applebee's.

Jun 6 2015

There’s no way that it would take more time to have him point at a line of text on a menu than to get two managers involved to eventually decide on and approve the plan Josh came up with.

Jun 6 2015

Couldn’t the server have just asked the man to point to the item he wanted on the menu?

Jun 5 2015

considering you never heard of fuck, marry, kill and watch Tosh.O, i’m assuming your roughly in the 7th grade age bracket? Read more

Jun 5 2015

After the Seth Myers having Jon Snow over for dinner sketch and the Game of Thrones musical bit I’ve been wanting to see Kit Harington in something comedic, this looks fun.

Jun 4 2015

It’s the most extreme case of relative attractiveness in actor vs. character! Jon Snow, sooo pretty, yet quite commanding and sexy, with a deeply manly bearing about him. Kit Harington, objectively nice-featured, yet not appealing in any similar way. He’s pouty and petty-looking, like he’d be the type to throw things Read more

Jun 4 2015

If you record a video of yourself while doing this experiment, then you will know your eyes are actually moving.

Jun 3 2015

In further experimental notes, can also now confirm that staring at yourself intently in a mirror in a coffeeshop while patting at your own eye sockets will garner you some uncomfortable looks. Read more

Jun 2 2015

Yeah, I can’t help but see the misogyny in what they did to Karsi. I was doubtful of D&D being misogynistic throughout everything, even Sansa. But this combined with Gilly last week sealed the deal for me. They really need to take a good long look at themselves.

Jun 2 2015

“Panning on food for 15 seconds instead of devoting 27% of the story toward descriptions of food” would be another.

Jun 2 2015

Counterpoint - I actually like the fact that “the Others” are so downplayed in the books. After all, for most in Westeros “The Others” are a fairy tale and the Wall is little more than a penal colony where thieves and murderers are sent to die in the forgotten wastes of the North. Only a few know the real threat to Read more