Jan 24 2017

That moment when Michael drops the nice facade and you see the evil shine through is an exceptional acting moment. Ted Danson should get all the Emmys for that alone.

Jan 24 2017

Hot take- the music of Moana is ten million times better than LaLa Land I’ve listened to the soundtrack incessantly.

Jan 5 2017

If she was the kind of person to aggressively call out homophobia then she wouldn’t have a mega-popular talkshow (that helps a great deal in normalizing many Americans’ experience with homosexuals) in the first place. Read more

Dec 26 2016

wondered how many beautiful lesbian entertainment industry powerhouses there are to go around in this particular circle. Read more

Nov 25 2016

That motherfucker subjected his own daughter to medical examination of her genitalia and dragged her through a court case in order to GET CUSTODY OF HER.

Oct 27 2016

I might be wrong, but am I detecting some snark? I didn’t disagree with the woman’s comment. I just pointed out a portion of this article that I enjoyed.

Oct 2 2016

I’ve read that entire section numerous times, and I still have no idea what its supposed to say.

Aug 30 2016

No mention of the role she’s ACTUALLY best known for, Amy Pond from Doctor Who? FOR SHAME.

Aug 30 2016

Umm, best known as AMY FUCKING POND, thank you very much.

Aug 12 2016

Ugh. Pretty sure we’re all ready for Rod Sterling to finally come out and finish the narration for this year long episode of The Twilight Zone.

Aug 12 2016

I caught an interview with that idiot earlier this evening. His rationale was that he’s not mad at people who thinks that confederate flag is racist because “They just don’t understand history, it’s not about black people. Black people fought on the Confederate side too”. Read more