Jul 15 2019

but we have so much great again

Jul 15 2019

As many as 286 could be procured. Now your share jumps to approoximately $600. Factor in an average family of 4.5 and now you are looking at close to $3000 per family. And that is just for one vanity offensive bomber project. Probably each family is ponying up $3000 apiece for the F35s also. This is just from 2 Read more

Jul 15 2019

Thanks for sharing this (seriously.)  Helpful to learn different perspectives.

Jul 15 2019

Krupp Bagger 288 is my spirit animal.

Jul 14 2019

We’re digging trenches in the dirt now just so we can lower the bar on human intelligence.

Jul 12 2019

Jesus, man. That “Don’t touch Grayson!” was clearly sarcastic. 

Jul 12 2019

Color announcer sounded about 5 seconds from just going over and punching Allen in the throat which, although unorthodox, I would heartily endorse.

May 13 2019

It it went like that it would have been better. 

May 13 2019

Totally, and it also doesn’t establish the scorpions as pinpoint accurate dragon killers in one episode, and useless trash the next!

May 13 2019

Yeah, there was a great post this morning on Reddit (I know!) where they pointed out that there was an easy way to fix this episode and make it far more narratively cohesive: instead of killing Rhaegal last episode and just kinda letting that death sit there, have Cersei fake a surrender as a last-ditch gambit, ambush Read more

May 13 2019

Perhaps it was always predestined that she would become the Mad Queen, but the character development in Seasons 5 and 6 has been so choppy and absurd that Sunday night’s episode felt like a rude fluke.” Read more

May 10 2019

I see a Prager U video in their future.

May 9 2019

wait until we figure out that a lot of “valuable” white collar jobs can be done better by a computer. Read more

May 8 2019

Now you play the game by punching the guy making the gesture.

May 3 2019

Outttttttttttt sourceeeeeeeee to the private zone! 

May 2 2019

Them: All I know is, if you’re gonna tell me that a child is going to travel the world for eight years training and learning to become a master fighter, I’ll tell you’re being ridiculous. Read more