9/07/15 10:03PM

You can delete the grill, when YOU can afford one.

9/07/15 9:55PM

Just because you can’t afford doesn’t mean everyone else can’t.

9/07/15 9:50PM

do you think anyone reading Jalopnik can even afford to test drive a Lexus LS?

9/06/15 9:21PM

I disagree. I don’t have to lease — I chose to. Does it improve my financial health... probably not, but the convenience is worth it to me. It’s like choosing the mac 18 over the johnny blue... it comes down to how you want to spend your hard earned shekels.

9/06/15 7:35PM

Completely disagree, I leased a 2014 Infiniti Q50 when it it just came out for 150$ a month tax included with $2500 drive-off (Including tax and registration). 2 year lease which I have already extended and plan on keeping for another year, please explain to me how purchasing this vehicle would be smarter? I don’t Read more

9/06/15 7:14PM

Cue the “death of the 911” guys who refuse to recognize the 911 has been in a state of constant evolution which is what has allowed it to stay relevant for 52 years.

9/06/15 5:39PM

I don’t want a free car to drive, I want a nice car to drive. I’m willing to pay for that. If I can get a good deal while doing so that’s great for me. Go back to your studio apartment in your ‘98 Corolla. I hope you enjoy your lentils for dinner and your single-ply toilet paper.

9/06/15 4:59PM

This is such a tired argument. I have never leased and do not plan to do so, but there are merits to it in some circumstances, considering that you understand what you’re getting into. Telling someone that they “don’t deserve to drive” is asinine. Outside of a few major cities in the US, that means not being able to Read more

9/03/15 7:09PM

That’s ridiculous. Russia doesn’t have lizard people because they are cold blooded and become brittle in the winter. Otherwise, your logic is impeccable. Oh, but that gold was hidden in a Polish train tunnel.

9/03/15 4:13PM

Awwww. But... but I thought it was some planted chinese knock off flaperon from a dismantled 777 that was off the books that was placed there by Boeing’s Russian lizard people to false flag us into believing that it was the real mh370 when in actuality the real mh370 was sent back in time to be used on 911 so that the Read more

8/28/15 3:13PM

“You Germany in question not!!!! That’s for us to know, and you, to find out!” Dude, what the fuck?