Nov 11 2019

The VGAs are literally just an advertisement and are in no way real awards. Of course Death Stranding will be recognized.

Sep 20 2017

Nice read— even brings back some memories of my own. I think this is one of the reasons why I look back on the .hack// games for the PS2 with fondness.
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May 28 2016

Don’t agree with some of this, particularly the bits about what Reaper counters. He’d be the my go-to for disposing of a sniper, but for Junkrat? No. You don’t want to use a close range character against someone who drops explosives on himself, and when he dies. Similarly, Reaper is excellent against Reinhardt, since Read more

Oct 25 2015

I used to get pissed off about overused jokes like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

Aug 25 2015

No one is forcing these people to commit to a monogamous relationship. They're grown ass adults who actually do have a choice in what actions they take. Plenty of people are very happy in monogamous relationships, and plenty of people who aren't decide not to be in one. No one is forcing anyone to cheat.

Jul 29 2015

Probably because you don’t have to pay every year to play online...

Jul 26 2015

Now I need a How To post with instructions on ordering this.

Jun 16 2015

Are you joking? Check out the middle east. Asia.