Jul 29 2018

...stop throwing the “racist” label out as an opening volley, and instead choose to hear and consider perspective irrelevant of the vehicle delivering it... simply a good place to start... and maybe a conversation can be had that evolves into actual change... Read more

Jun 18 2018

“My classmates made fun of me for wanting to some day commit a genocide,” she sobbed into the microphone.

May 30 2018

The beast with two backs! The Whore of Babylon!

May 23 2018

If you read the article, you might have noticed the quoted line from the ruling noting that the issue at play is whether a *public official* can do so, which the judge ruled one cannot. Preventing constituents whose politics a public official disagrees with from responding to their twitter-issued public statements is Read more

May 22 2018

No concept of de-escalation in today’s cops. When every Officer Krupke thinks he is a junior SWAT officer super cop how do you think he will act?

May 11 2018

They’re places that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re shitholes. And some, I assume, are good places.

May 7 2018

Looks out window, see some black folks smiling....realizes her empty life is shit, and her cheating hubby’s’ money isn’t doing the job, also, out of kale chips, kids hiding in bedroom on sleep number beds, watching Netflix and chillin...

May 7 2018

I’m confused — did you bang him on a park bench, or refuse to touch him at his grandfather’s funeral?

Apr 3 2018

A woman who decided to insert herself into a conversation at a Downtown D.C. restaurant to voice her support of President Donald Trump...

Mar 28 2018

I heard somewhere 53% of white women tuned in!

Mar 26 2018

I dunno, Stephen. To my knowledge there has never been a school shooting at a school that issued buckets of rocks to its students. Everyone knows that mass shooters prefer rock-free zones.

Mar 23 2018

Doom is an amazing character and unambiguously bad. I can’t think of anything less interesting to do with him than a political thriller origin-type standalone movie depicting his rise to the Latverian throne. Read more

Mar 16 2018

Hmm... Have you seen our President? Have you seen the people that voted for him?

Mar 16 2018

“I never thought Thanos would wipe out my half of the universe.” Said the woman who voted for the Thanos Wipes Out Half of the Universe Party.