I saw that exact clip too But in a dateline episode I believe. Men with ropes, zip ties etc. he said he was disturbed by the number of men who appeared to be capable of murdering women. Read more

Fine let them have it their way. Until one fine day when one of these right wing politicians knocks up their side chick and she starts plucking hairs from his head to prove paternity. That will be the real injustice. I firmly believe given enough time this very scenario will occur. Read more

This seems like a good place to leave my mini conspiracy theory and perhaps it’s already been discussed. Kim and Kanyes finances are in dire straights due to his amateur attempt in the fashion industry and both of their over indulgent lifestyles. this is why they really live/ lived with Kris for how ever many years. Read more

Exactly. My husband is a dj as well and I hear him bitch about this stuff always. Lots of dude bros asking for the wrong music and the totally wrong times during his set. He has been slapped once and almost seriously assaulted multiple times. Thankfully there are bouncers. Read more

Exactly. My excellent dj friend created a brand called No Requests. Read more

A game changer. I accidentally bought Beyond Codependency because I wasn’t in the know. I hope I evolve to the point where it one day applies to me. Read more

That’s was badass. Clearly Trudy isn’t to be fucked with. My favorite moment is when he yells “Draper!” And proceeds to half fall down the steps of Sterling Cooper Draper Price. Read more

Responding late. I recently got cable for the first time in five years. I am learning that cable channels now play back to back episodes because they realize everyone’s love for binge watching. I happened across KUWTK, a show I never knew much about and mentally rolled my eyes at when mentioned and was blown away by Read more

Scotts reaction of helpfully pulling ice out of the freezer so Lamar doesn't have to deal with a burnt conch is priceless. But fuck him anyway. B Read more

I agree. After five years of not having cable and shamelessly binge watching some episodes I think Klhoe is the best of the bunch. She is the voice of reason most of the time and often brings her out of touch family back down to earth. Or she tries at least. Read more

I love that Jez and Gawker cover these YouTube idiots. I’d like to read about their take on family vloggers, mommy vloggers. These are parents who are making millions off the exploitation of their innocent kids who never had a say in the matter. Who have been filmed Every . Single. Day of their lives. Naked in the Read more

Anyone else ever hear the phrase “red next to yellow, kill a fellow. Red next to black venom lack.” Doubt this is applicable to Cobras but I always wondered if it was true. Read more

Oh I really love that house! Watching the video I see they talk about the window latch as being common in Wright homes but I've lived in three houses that have them so to me they don't stand out. I live in Milwaukee and remember they found another Wright house in Shorewood over the summer. Read more

Maybe I am wrong but I just got bangs and I LOVE them. I actually have naturally curly hair but never wear it that way. The stylist tried to talk me out of as she had successfully done multiple times but not this time. I needed a change and felt so dumpy. I get tons of compliments and yes sometimes they are annoying.

I've been trying to find Inglot somewhere in store where I can swatch their stuff. Heard their gel liner is the shit. Read more

I am the worst stay at home mom I know. I was working part time and going to school when I got pregnan. it wasn’t worth it for me to get child care for the few hours I was on the schedule so we agreed I would stay home and take off the next semester. It is so easy to fall into a lazy routine of laying around in your Read more

“He was not allowed to call his parents during the interrogation and was evidently alone with police during questioning.” Read more

I was just talking to my husband about this! I can't put my finger on what it is that is such a turn off. I enjoy me some Jimny Kimmel much more than him. Read more

I watched it for shits and giggles and these are my random comments. Read more