Mar 17 2017

I have a random question. Per usual I am seeing a lot of blatant racism in the comments on Facebook article posted my local news station. I’m talking very unnecessary shit remarks. It’s a post about chimpanzees and there is talk about “oh look it’s the Obamas”. I tagged the post and asked them to address it but I Read more

Aug 6 2015

Has anyone else seen this video making its way through their Facebook feed? I tried to copy the link but I’m on my phone and it won’t work so I just took a screen shot.

Jun 2 2015

Hi guys! It has been a good two months since I’ve visted GT. I’ve been busy trying to adjust to motherhood and Oooo

Apr 1 2015
Bacon Patties (for BLT)

Am I the only one who never thought of this? I saw a little tutorial for this on Facebook and had to make these!!!

Mar 25 2015

I have no empathy. My Mom had some type of cardiac event last night/ early this morning. They are saying it was a mild heart attack. Her enzymes are slightly elevated and they will be repeating the labs to see if they futher elevate but they don't anticipate they will. So essentially, she is stable. When my step Read more

Mar 8 2015

Today I took myself out to a salon and got my first ever gel manicure. For years I have done my own nails without

Mar 3 2015

I am somewhat of a clothing hoarder. I have a nice collection of business casual clothing that I really no longer

Feb 27 2015

A guy I went to school with died of a drug overdose last year. Pretty sure it was heroin. The person who gave it to him (perhaps sold it to him) was sentenced to 12 years in prison today. I knew her too from my first job working in a restaurant, she trained me. I know that she should bear some responsibility in Read more

Feb 25 2015

Baby names. Dude, I have NO IDEA what I am naming this kid! It's a boy and for some reason I have a lot harder of a time coming up with boy names. Before we knew the sex I had a name all picked out for a girl but as the months have rolled by I am still coming up short for a boy name. I have a short list. I'd like Read more

Feb 21 2015
kitty wearing

So I bought this wrap for my soon to be infant and the stuffed bear just wasn't doing the trick as far as practice

Feb 15 2015

Happy to say that I've found a new show to stream endlessly on Prime. Bosch. Its a cop show and of course one of the first scenes is our main character (Bosch the cop) shooting and killing a (later argued as unarmed) minority. He stands trial for this. I don't know when this show was written but I find it curious Read more

Feb 13 2015

Today I had plans with my Mom that have been in place for over a week. It was nothing important but we were going to run some errands and go to Ulta because we both have gift cards from Christmas. We went to drop my car off so it could be repaired and then to Ulta. I paid for my stuff and suddenly realized I Read more

Feb 2 2015

Today was so boring. Stayed home all day long, made some soup with all the leftover crap in the fridge and I didn't care for it really. The husband was a good sport and went for seconds trying to make me feel better. He shoveled the foot of snow that fell and I did laundry. I finally decided to try and finish up

Jan 29 2015

Omg, I am officially starting to hate my job. I took this job as a 'casual' employee (<20 hours per week) because I wanted something low stress and not a lot of responsibility. I started in September and already knew when I accepted the position that I was pregnant. It isn't that the work I do is mind boggling or Read more

Jan 25 2015

Project complete! After much sanding, scrubbing, screwing and unscrewing, priming and painting, this dresser re do is done. Doing all of this with my big ol belly in the way made it much more taxing than I think it normally would have been. I am very pleased with how it has turned out. I got it for free and put

Jan 21 2015
My God Kitteh

Introducing my god kitteh (I'm his spiritual kitty mama). His name is Bishop and he is a little trooper. A few

Jan 17 2015

I feel somewhat accomplished tonight. I woke up this morning, the first of four days off of work and initially felt pretty awful. New and strange pains are happening everyday like clockwork now that I am in my third trimester. With a long list of things to do I felt like the day was going to be a total flop given

Dec 28 2014

Where do I go to make a humble donation to GT Emergency Fund? I had a link once upon a time but it is no longer working.

Dec 26 2014

Okay, I think I've had enough of unsupervised children for the week. One smashed my Lush bath products to powder on Christmas Eve. Just now at Target I got smashed in the (pregnant) stomach with a cart being pushed by a 3 maybe 4 year old. His parent or guardian had her back turned and was cutting the line of paying Read more