Yes it was. It was an official sequel to Save the Earth and Melee. It was not a port, look it up. Read more

Technically Godzilla Unleashed is the third entry in the series Read more

I doubt that anyone was supposed to see his face, so why is it lazy? Read more

I was waiting for this comment Read more

I’m even more pumped for Arkham Knight but why did they make Tim look like Chris O’Donnell?

Superman’s design in this film looks a lot like Vandal Savage from the Justice League cartoons. Read more

I’m mixed on these fatalities. On the one hand some don’t seem that creative. Johnny’s chest rip fatality for example is pretty lame to me simply because it’s a comedic rip off of Shao Kahn’s fatality from MK9. Others just seem a bit silly like Kitana’s second fatality. You already know your opponent is more than Read more

This would actually be a pretty funny idea. Have them attempt a fatality and fail but instead of killing themselves, both players laugh it off like an outtake from a movie. Sorta like the Toy Story outtakes at the end of every film. It could be like a new version of Friendships Read more

I agree completely. It’s obvious that this will eventually be used in promotional material or shown in a new trailer as a way to hype the film the way the Golden Freiza form was. Don’t see why everyone feels the need to complain about spoilers anymore. In this day and age, it’s impossible to avoid spoilers because of Read more

The car commercial alone made me want to run for my life, how am I supposed to handle the attraction without wetting myself? Read more

I'm sorry to hear about your circle pad. I agree that the circle pad isn't as durable as we would all like but I also think people are being too rough with it. I've been playing Smash Bros. nonstop since it came out and I have not had any problems with the circle pad. And my 3DS is a used system that I have had for at Read more