I moved into a new apartment in Manhattan’s East Village in 2018. It was a huge upgrade for me, and it really is special. It’s kind of a carriage house building with only five apartments and you have to walk through another building to get to it. There is an adorable little courtyard with trees and flowers, and I even Read more

When I was 12, every night for close to two months someone would knock on my bedroom window. It was usually after 11 p.m. and before 2 a.m. and, at the beginning, would wake me from a dead sleep to where I thought I was dreaming. A few times I even heard the knocking in my dreams and then woke up and the knocking was Read more

I’d be willing to bet that if you told Americans that the targeting and oppression of non-trafficked, consenting adult sex workers was a major externality or side-effect of tools like Thorn, a majority would say something to the effect of “if it helps save even one child...” Read more

It is an interesting exercise, even if a bit offensive and dated. Read more

Ron De Santis has actively pursued policies directed at inflaming racial and ethnic tensions in Florida. He has referred to POC with thinly veiled dogwhistles (let’s not monkey it up), he has disenfranchised black voters by redistricting majority black districts to ensure that they do not have a voice or representation Read more

This is one of the many reasons I hate any Disney Live Action movie. They cast mixed race or women of color actresses, then put them in the role of defending them and upholding their new version as something necessary and desired by the audience. They toss these women to the wolves then rake in millions of dollars for Read more

This author seems extremely stressed about this issue, having written this exact same article multiple times. Read more

I think part of the problem is how it impacts others. If Taylor comes out now, every woman she’s ever been friends with, and especially Karlie, will be subject to even more scrutiny and hounding by paps and swifites. And all the men she dated will be questioned too. It will be one of the biggest celebrity gossip Read more

Even repeating the specifics of a crime to invoke an emotional response means you don’t understand the point of Enlightment justice or prison abolition.
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Good for her. Forcing her to mess with her naturally occurring hormones is like me demanding the players in the WNBA shorten their legs to play with me. I’m 5'2". Read more

Fabio Maria dressed like that looks like a shonky house builder that demands half upfront, builds a third, then demands double the original price to finish the rest. Read more

anyone can just say “Stand Your Ground” and it becomes a get out of arrest free card Read more

I saw Matssons comments about Shiv to be more about the power and subjection of Tom more than misogyny towards Shiv. He’s trying to see if Tom would be upset if he fucked his wife - a prima nocta if you will - and if he did would Tom still kiss the ring and as if he would like help cleaning up. Read more

It really is amazing to think about the idea that 3 people who just became insanely rich are all fundamentally destroyed because none of them got the job of running a decaying empire built by the worst father in the world. One thing that I fundamentally don’t understand are people who are subjected to such Read more

Correct, he was being stalked by an armed man and justifiably felt in danger of physical harm, so he exercised his right to use force to defend himself.   Read more

You’re a real bummer and it’s starting to affect my sex life. Anytime I’m laying pipe in your dad he always says something like, “I’m really worried about Sam, maybe you can talk to him.” I get it, you’re an embarrassment to your family and everyone you’ve ever met, but maybe it’s time to just end the whole thing. You Read more

I can still hear her screaming “AIR RAID!” as she hazes those poor freshman girls in Dazed and Confused, squirting ketchup all over them and being generally terrifying, lol. I think the other role that comes to mind for me when I think about Posey is Josie and the Pussycats, which I’ve totally come around to as a cult Read more

I love that I heard Parker’s voice throughout this.

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Parker Posey is one of those actors where I know any movie she’s in is going to be worthwhile for her scenes alone. Read more

She did know the tradition. She said so right in her statement what the tradition is. And you don’t need to be a sports fan to know what happens in the White House when you’ve been the second lady for two terms and the first for one more. Read more