Nicole Watterson

Because white women are a hive mind. If I wasn’t on Jezebel I would think that I was on Return of the Kings or something... Read more

That website looks fucking ancient, almost as ancient as their views. Read more

Yes, scaring a FOUR year old child is going to do wonders! Read more

Again, people who you disagree with don’t have to be trolls. I think that what EileenCountContessa said is dead-on-accurate and 103 other people thought the same. Why would that make him a troll? Read more

“I don’t like what this person is saying - they must be a troll!” Read more

You’d be a fool to fire her. Read more

Yeah, that’s not gonna work. Read more

How about “take a chill pill”? Read more

More self-flagellation, please. Read more

Identity politics must be a hell of a drug. Read more

Take a chill pill. Seriously. Read more

You don’t necessarily have to hide your views should your family members piss you off, but coming out in the heat of the moment without a good safety net is a bad idea. Read more

It’s pretty obvious - they were given two horrible choices and they chose not to vote. Maybe next time the Democrats will elect a candidate that people can trust... Read more

Trump personally doesn’t give a fuck, but Pence is vehemently anti-LGBT. Read more

That’s probably a bad idea. Read more

Yeah, I was being sarcastic. Identity politics are so obnoxious and lead nowhere...
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