There is a distressingly high number of WOC and POC who will not be able to comment here because Jez has banned them, without explanation or warning. The entire JezeRoot series is so controversial with the commenters at least in part because so many people will not be able to participate in anything that is posted to Read more

Black pain is delightful for wypipo to watch and they delight in celebrating these narratives with accolades apropos of the pain available for consumption. Read more

I find myself continually amazed by this new passive-aggressive “we didn’t even watch it” iteration of the regular old racism. They’re behaving like the Trumps behave, sitting in the corner pouting like eight-year-olds complaining that they’re being “forced” to consider an alternative to always centering themselves Read more

One of the weirder things I’ve seen is white people saying that they liked the movie until it got “bogged down with messaging”. One dude told me he liked everything about the movie except the “blatant” race stuff, and I was like...the whole fucking movie is blatant race stuff! I also feel like they missed the point of Read more

Reading that whole article is like “Great-Aunt Linda Goes To The Movies.” Besides the recurring dismissal of work by black actors and directors (that comment about Octavia Spencer?!) , they also criticize actors for not seeming romantic enough or for playing unlikeable characters. Read more

I bet Clint Eastwood threw his copy straight in the trash.

The US might as well be run by the staff of any random Applebee’s restaurant. Read more

and the 2017 Golden Globe Award for least surprising news of the year, goes to ...... this story. Read more

This guy outright says creepy shit about women on air. The only thing I find surprising is that there’s only been one reprimand. Read more

I’m confused - is the wife of the questioning officer trans? If not, then what’s his point? “Trans people are subjected to police violence” - “well, my wife has never mentioned it to me”. Which, if she is, then it seems odd he would be “questioning” the state in a WMP way? Read more

Am I the powerful man?

how to kill someone with a knife Read more

Lena is an asshole and it’s annoying that she’s made feminism a part of her brand. She’s the epitome of a white feminist. Lena doesn’t want to embrace women of color or understand intersectionality. Lena just wants to be equal to white men. The rest of us can kick rocks. I’m not surprised she chose not to stand in Read more

In Israel the @ symbol is pronounced “strudel”, because we think it kind of looks like an apple strudel. So now when I see Americans writing “don’t @ me”, I read it as “don’t strudel me” and it’s very confusing. Read more