Jul 18 2017

I like your list except boxing. Most difficult overall yes. Mentally no.

Jun 3 2017

FYI the death arrow has been foreshadowing gets name dropped and condolences on the flash. Watch them in order of air date. Bricken missed big time with his response because of it.

May 26 2017

He didn’t try to win in turn 1. The book doesn’t say anything about turn 2.

May 22 2017

I wonder how much Internet hatred for her dad contributed to this? Words can hurt.

May 21 2017

Montoya raced last weekend in the Grand Prix and even qualified 5th.

May 20 2017

Due to rain scrap pretty much the entire article. Qualifying starts at 4:00pm. Everyone will get 1 run and the top 9 with a shot at pole will still be identified. It will continue past 6pm until everyone has 1 run and there will be no second chances.

May 4 2017

He had 3 seats on the flight he got kicked off of. Presumably that flight was fully booked or they wouldn’t have gotten their 18yo an earlier flight. Read more

Apr 29 2017

That’s too bad you’re missing out. It got progressively better all season.

Apr 29 2017

I agree. It was better because it returned to blurring the line between scripted and organic.

Apr 29 2017

It’s the best Top Gear in years. That includes TG with the old trio.

Apr 29 2017

I watched a couple episodes of the first reboot. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the rest. I knew I liked Harris and Reid and LeBlanc had talent. Read more