Dec 19 2019

When he said he “goes off the record”, he means he shits behind the Resolute desk.

Dec 18 2019

Note for Alex to edit, it’s the Heaviside Layer, not heavenside. It’s formally called the Kennelly-Heaviside Layer and is an actual atmospheric stratification known for its high concentration of charged particles... “anions,” and of course, “cations!”

Dec 17 2019

The flawed(?) algorithms between Tom of Finland and this Nazi twink, lawdy...

Dec 16 2019

My money’s on him sacrificing himself for Goose Jr.

Nov 19 2019

I like the used car dealer's honesty in its name. "Decent Ride". How quaint. "This G6 GXP is not great. It never was. But, it's decent. It has the power windows and locks you want. The A/C works. Our mechanic says it's ready for sale. This is a decent ride. Come in and see it."

Nov 19 2019

Once saw one in white, I would make my plate “1SHMAEL” in a heartbeat.

Nov 7 2019

“While it may just be a ‘fluke’ event that two cases have occurred within a year or two of each other, it does raise the possibility that something might have changed in the ecology of T. gulosa in the USA to cause it to start occasionally infecting humans,” Bradbury said. Read more

Nov 6 2019

Huh, and all along I thought it was T. Maidment or T. Spannfeller that were the parasitic infections. Well, at least one is gone.

Oct 31 2019

I might die laughing.  This seems appropriate for Halloween, though.

Oct 31 2019

Parnas was trying to make sure that anyone who Google searched his name with the word “fraud” got only positive results. Read more

Oct 30 2019

Only moments later, a private equity douche sent them a memo reading “Stick to military.” 

Aug 16 2019

That’s not true; I’ve already put in a request with our Chronographic Restitution Department, and they’ve agreed to credit your account seven extra minutes. You’re welcome.

Jul 3 2019

Forget about all that other stuff, is Bezos wearing a cowboy hardhat in the opening picture?