Natface: Career-Obsessed Banshee
Oct 17

Hello! I finished midterms this week and I’m very relieved. I also had my mid semester formal evaluation with my clinical professor. He said that I’m hitting all of the benchmarks for where I need to be at this point in the program as developing my counseling skills, and that there are some areas where I’m exceeding Read more

Oct 7

Hey y’all. Hope everyone is holding up as well as can be expected during *gestures widely at everything*. I’ve been busy trying to keep my sanity at work, and studying for midterms. Can’t believe my first semester of graduate school is half over. Read more

Sep 18

I can’t feel anything anymore. I know we need to fight, but I’m struck by how completely fucked up and dehumanizing this all is. Having to be so hyper vigilant about the inevitable nominee because Trump and McConnell will try to cram through the worst fucking human possible as soon as possible. I want to cry and Read more

Sep 12

I have a game night this evening  with my “coronavirus pod” of friends. I bought a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc for the occasion, and a Doordash credit to use so I can order something tasty for dinner. I’m excited.