nancy reagan 2000
Jan 8

It’s really a terrible costume and I can’t imagine anyone on the production thinking the GG helmet was the best look for the character. I assume the decision was based on the demands on the special effects department—a static, metallic helmet being easier to replicate with CG than a more dynamic, human-like face.

Jan 5

Still looking for confirmation that Salman Rushdie watched Glitter, as I assume he must have. 

Dec 21

It’s interesting, because I feel the exact opposite. This is totally my personal response (to each their own), but the sword fights in the prequels feel purely technical to me. Just figures in motion, striking poses. Don’t get me wrong; I love dance and I love action. But, I don’t feel anything while watching the Read more

Dec 14

Love that commercial and honestly believe that adapting the cartoon is the best way to go with D&D. As others have noted above, the trick to a D&D movie is making something that’s not just a random collection of generic fantasy tropes. The cartoon provides a fun hook that practically sells itself: Stranger Things Read more

Nov 8

Posting this because a) I really liked Penny Dreadful and b) I feel a deep responsibility to remind America of the glorious disaster that is “Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark” every year or so, lest we forget.
This list is incomplete without Broadway’s own Peter Parker, Reeve Carney:

Sep 10

I feel the saving grace of Dune, however, is Herbert’s deep ambivalence about Savior myths. The temptation in a screen adaptation is always going to be to lean into the romantic heroic tropes, but Herbert’s story is a far more ironic and skeptical take on those tropes. His “Messiah,” after all, is no sci-fi Moses, Read more

Jun 22

Honestly, and the more learned among you may feel free to correct me, in the wake of Star Wars’ success, every sci-fi work of the previous century was cited as an influence, either by Lucas or someone else, and the owners of those properties were more than happy to use that as a marketing hook. “The book that inspired Read more

May 6

I can’t get past the general tone of this profile. I don’t need the writer to be openly hostile toward his subject, but he seems to actually buy the bullshit he’s shoveling about Trank’s hard-scrabble youth and rocky road to Hollywood success. I mean, how do you even write a statement as self-consciously unexamined as Read more

Nov 26 2019

Test footage is test footage, so I can’t be too hard on it, but the fact it looks/feels like a mid-90s syndicated series makes it feel all the more like something out of an alternate universe.  

Nov 25 2019

It actually has quite a bit of sly, subtle “fun” with the pleasure-cruise aspect of the ship and its slow deterioration. The interior of the ship is much more mid-range resort/shopping mall than spaceship. As the journey stretches well past its intended length, all the shops and amenities become that much more absurd.

Nov 25 2019

The HVH framing really does the movie a disservice. While I certainly wouldn’t call it a crowd-pleaser, it’s intelligent, thoughtful, humane sci-fi with some really great, understated production design. If you don’t mind something a bit slower, quieter, and infinitely more depressing than the average sci-fi film, it’s Read more