Nancy Sin
Nov 26

I love how everyone just assumes that Timberlake and Biel have agreed to a traditional monogamous marriage, because that’s what so many people choose to do. Read more

Oct 2 2019

Tell that to every other right wing blowhard who has been deplatformed. They always say, “I’ll start my own insert social media platform here” and they never do. There’s a reason why nobody gives a shit about Milo Yalsdkjfapsdklfjas anymore. Because removing the platform had a significant effect on his reach. Read more

Oct 2 2019

It absolutely is. There is no substitute for the President’s direct, personal, and immediate outreach to his followers of literally anything on his mind at that second. Yes, he can call press conferences, yes, he can put out press releases, but there’s nothing that has the same ability to disseminate his point of view Read more

Oct 2 2019

Yeah but think of the ad revenue loss for banning him? all those promoted tweets not being viewed. I think it’s a fair trade off. A few hundred thousand views of ads vs the possibility of mass violence within he US. Read more

Sep 23 2019

The idea that people like this are even being interviewed and having their views be taken seriously is so fucking frustrating.  Can we PLEASE stop giving airtime to these morons?  If the main reason that this country goes down in flames is because perfectly fine woman candidates are seen as bitches by the electorate, Read more

Sep 23 2019

“I like what she had to say, but I still think she’s—sorry—a bitch,” said a 56-year-old Trump supporter.” Read more

Sep 23 2019

I wish we would shut the fuck up about white working class voters. They’re a lost cause and hell bent on voting against their own self-interest. We’ve had two Democratic Presidents when two consecutive terms without them, yet we’re obsessed with courting those five living Reagan Democrats. Those people will never vote Read more

Sep 12 2019

A rich white guy from a shithole country, which means she is dating a colonizer, and so Tiffany is well within the family’s moral boundaries.

Aug 27 2019

You might not be a reporter, but you did the right thing by replying to every post with your error.  Good on ya.

Aug 27 2019

The idea that Elizabeth Warren isn’t charming, charismatic, likeable or relateable is sexist bullshit, full stop. Read more

Aug 27 2019

In college, I had someone in a mentorship position tell me, “Everyone finds you off-putting” and it shattered me. I am an incredibly confident person with very healthy self-esteem, but it took me years to recover from that moment -- constantly second guessing myself in social situations. Even now, a decade later, I Read more

Jul 25 2019

Perhaps your should read their whole post before you perform public outrage over it...

Jul 24 2019

It is kind of hilariously sweet when your obviously gay friend decided to drop the “I’m gay” bombshell on you. Like, we done been knew, love.

Jun 9 2019

What’s with the random capitalization?!?!?  Very Trumpian...

Jun 9 2019

This.  Excuse me if I’m not all in on this accusation.  Sorry.

Jun 6 2019

I was with you on Bledel, but she was really good in a cameo on Mad Men and has an emmy on Handmaids Tale, wheres she’s been fantastic