Nancy Sin
Mar 20 2019

And sometimes it can result in vocal fry which has become incredibly gendered. Can’t win, ladiez!

Nov 24 2018

but their dicks still work. that’s the fucking point. 

Aug 23 2018

I caught that show when I was at some sort of get together with kids, and at first I was shocked that there was a children’s show where one of the leads was clearly high af. I finally asked one of the kids what her deal was and they confirmed she’s just supposed to be a ding dong. 

Aug 16 2018

[removed because I temporarily forgot about the 6ix9ine debacle and I’m still mad at her, also Barbs are constantly trolling Cardi B and why can’t we all just get along, etc]

Jun 6 2018

Yes, and in turn this picture depresses the shit out of me.

Oct 8 2017

Wrongthink?! What is that, hate-lite? alt-hate? The fuck with this normalizing bullshit.

Oct 3 2017

I thought of this WAY too early on. RIP Lucky, you’re with Luanne now.

Sep 18 2017

My disdain for this horrible administration is almost matched to disdain for the individuals/groups who have more power than the average citizen to hinder Trump’s efforts and yet act like this is all inconvenient at worst. Read more

Sep 6 2017

“Climates are prone to change over stretches of time” is not the same thing as “The earth’s climate is changing on account of our actions as humans and will have negative impacts in the near future, a fact supported by the consensus of the scientific community.” Although the former is easier to say, so I kinda get it.

Sep 5 2017

I have two male cats a decade in age apart and this is basically my life.

Sep 4 2017

If you live in an area with hard water, ACV can be a damned godsend for your hair. However, using it for “no-poo” will just bleach and dry your shit out. Read more