4:58 PM

The Equus/K900 market needs to get a little older and depreciate a little more before I’d consider buying one, so if the 600 was totaled today I would probably be back in an American luxury sedan for the interim; an old Town Car Cartier or I’d maybe try to find a DTS premium optioned with a front bench. Read more

11:56 AM

I still find it astonishing that the base model for the E60, the true base model, here in the US was still a 2004/05! Anemic little 2.5 I6 that couldn’t muster 200 hp or ft-lbs - talk about a build fit for a lease special... Read more

10:48 AM

I thought lifting old Benzes was fairly straightforward: some witchcraft with the computer, trick the ride height sensors, and the Airmatic lifts or lowers the car to your desired #stance.

5:24 PM

At least they came right out and admitted either the head gaskets are blown or the block is cracked. It's the price that misrepresents the condition of the car.

10:50 AM

I can’t speak highly enough of the Jaguar X350 platform. We’ve had 3 of them in the family: a 2004, a 2005, and the current 2007. The 4.2 is dead reliable, the ZF 6-speed has been great after a service (and can do 30 mpg on the highway), and they draw more attention than any other car we own. Next one we get will be a Read more

9:44 PM

I would think the dead giveaway was if there were no longer any wires coming off of the struts for the computer controlled dampers, and the absence of the brain in the trunk

6:07 PM

As far as I am concerned, that headlight leveling system is broken from the factory. I’ve put in I don’t know how many sensors, and they’ll still light up the trees. I've never had it described to be as an axle level sensor though...I'm not sure if that's the cause or if you also have an issue with a front sensor for Read more

10:54 AM

Maybe it’s just my perception, or the markets in which I’ve lived, but was every ML63 built painted white? Or MAYBE silver? Read more

11:40 AM

In my experience selling cars (for the 18 months that I did) everyone is still chasing the $250/mo payment they’ve been chasing for 25 years - people just aren’t willing to accept what kind of car that puts them in. Read more

11:37 AM

The S600 just ticked over 170k a couple weeks ago, so that's the halfway point. I bought it at 117k miles and I want to get to 220k miles. So that's a few years down the line. At that time we'll have to compare pricing on a 2013 Equus Ultimate and a 2015 K900 VIP and see what they're going for and how difficult either Read more

2:41 PM

The good news is that the earliest vehicles that were equipped with those systems are beginning to require those repairs. I speak from experience with the v1.0 Distronic radar cruise on my W220 S-Class that those scrapped cars you mentioned are, and will be, our best friends. An auto dismantler on eBay was able to Read more

10:41 AM

I think the worst point we’re forgetting here is that Cash for Clunkers didn’t actually create any new buyers - it just moved up the time table of those people who were nearing a new vehicle purchase already. So we’re going to further incentivize those who can afford an electric vehicle into just making their switch

2:08 PM

This is exactly why I am professionally happy that I don’t work in car sales anymore, and personally happy that I give enough of a crap about what I drive that by the time I’ve put in the year, model, trim, options and colors I want, there are like 3 available in a 1000 mile radius. You can’t haggle with 13 different Read more