Nacho Mammal
6:52 AM

Despite what the Chapo Trap House style leftists say, Obama is still broadly popular according to multiple different polls. Twitter ain’t real life—I doubt Obama is hurting Biden. What’s hurting Biden is his age, half the media hating his guts, and the fact that he’s simply running a shitty campaign.
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5:25 PM

See, I don’t find Bernie charismatic at all. But apparently it’s just me. 

5:13 PM

Clinton (Bill) won the candidacy and election without winning both New Hampshire and Iowa, and I think the country is so much different now in terms of engaging (or trying to engage) minority voters that there is real consideration given to later primary results rather than these two white ass states. I don’t think Read more

10:40 PM

He has a white dick, which is very important.

8:33 PM

No one is out there hating them or believing bullshit about them just cause they’re white dudes.” Read more

6:16 PM

Bullshit. She didn’t fail. She had the highest popular vote tally ever. But, because of the undemocratic Electoral College, the small margins of voters (largely supporters of Bernie) who switched over to vote for Tr*mp, Johnson, or Stein. Read more

5:05 PM

So this exact comment is a great example of the kind of super defensive and inapplicable response you tend to get from Bernie supporters that makes everyone roll their eyes and slowly step back. Did I say you should vote for Hillary? Was there any discussion of who we all should have voted for in 2016? I said nothing Read more

4:48 PM

The party member argument kills me.  Because if he cared as much about getting shit done as he did about being president, then he could have... switched to Democrat at any time.  Not just when he felt like running for President.

11:48 AM

This irritated me so much. Just pick one!! I find it condescending and it waters down the influence of both women. It’s such a wishy-washy, attention-grabby move on the NYT’s part. But that’s just me! Maybe I’m just salty today.

8:45 PM

Elizabeth Warren is discovering that she isn’t the cool chick immune from the misogyny of the dirtbag left? Well how do you like that. Bernie is going to Bernie, by which I mean he is going say he’s “busy” and pretend he isn’t cosigning everything his asshole supporters do. Read more

2:29 PM

It’s also kind of rich Saikat Chakrabarti kicked Uygur out of Justice Democrats claiming they believe in women’s and minorities issues. He’s the douchebag that went after Sharice Davids, a Native American woman and said she was a white supremacist enabler while he was AOC’s chief of staff.  So he can eat a bag of Read more

2:28 PM

My favorite is how he endorsed and got his people to fund Randy Bryce, when by all accounts the woman running against Bryce in the primary (Cathy Myers) had a much better shot. She actually had some experience. Bryce was just a caricature for what very online leftists think “working class” people are.

1:32 PM

My favorite bad endorsement of his is Tim Canova. That dude has been trying—unsuccessfully—to unseat Rep. Wasserman-Schultz for years now. He’s also a Seth Rich truther. Bernie now acts like he doesn’t know the guy. Read more

1:14 PM

Another unforced error was when he endorsed an anti-choice candidate for mayor of Omaha, Nebraska. There was no reason for him to get involved in that race, but he went out of his way to show that he’s cool with politicians who would vote against abortion rights.

12:51 PM

“If you read that today, what I wrote 18 years ago, and you’re offended by it, you’re 100 percent right,” Uygur said. “And anyone who is subjected to that material, I apologize to. And I deeply regret having written that stuff when I was a different guy.” Read more