Aug 1

For the last freakintime: That thing you keep calling your PS4 is your microwave.

Jul 2

Cant wait to see how they add microtransactions & dlc to a TV show 🤔

Jul 2

I’m from a small rural town in the the american south. I’m not opposed to being exposed to new ideas or realities in the media I consume but my background has limited my exposure to a great many things. The brief exchange detailed in the article in which Lev declines further conversation with Abby opened my eyes to Read more

Jul 2

Same!! I struggle with this desire because I worry it veers too close to me wanting someone’s gender or sexuality to “not matter,” which I don’t think I want. Like, I am trans all the time, and that affects my experience--a short film about me going to the grocery store would be a film about a trans person going to Read more

Jul 2

Some kids know when they’re young. Some kids know that they’re homosexual. Some people don’t come to terms with how they feel until they’re 50 or 60. I don’t have these feelings, but I’m personally aware that it’s not up to me to project on others that there’s an age they know by, just to support those that do.

Jul 2

Hi, this is a great article, even better than your review I think. It did educate me lots. I sincerely appreciate.

As a cis gay man, I can’t fathom the pain of being a trans or the frustration for the existential absence in media. However, I did find Lev one of the most adorable characters in the series (including pt 1) Read more

Jun 26

There is plenty of good fiction from the black library. Good starters are Gaunt’s Ghosts which is regular human army, Eisenhorn, which is a bit more personal and more bad ass showing the inquisition. The Horus Heresy series will give you are history of where we are now (or in 40k terms ) and as its galaxy spanning, Read more

Jun 25

You are describing what the loud obnoxious competitive aspect of the hobby say.

Jun 25

Calgar predates the adult depiction of Cable by some 3 years.

Jun 9

Wait, I’m confused, did someone think this was going to be good or serviceable even? Movie that headline Milla Jovovich and/or directed by Paul W.S. Anderson don’t relay critical fortunes.