6/01/21 3:11PM

9 years later and people still bitching about the same old shit lol

5/20/21 8:16AM

My mother had an aortic dissection a few years back. I was out at a bar, and found out from my brother and my aunt that mom had went to sleep with some chest pains, and thought nothing of it. The pains got worse, and she had the wherewithall to call someone to take her to the hospital. They were able to do emergency Read more

5/20/21 1:21AM

Aortic dissection causes blood to seep inbetween the artery wall layers, causing them to separate and eventually burst open in a way that’s incredibly hard to mend and heal from. It can happen really fast with no prior warning. It’s not really a heart condition exactly. Read more

4/27/21 3:52AM

My body would be ready for this. But if this ends up being the case, where is the real Sharon at? Possibly with Nick Fury out in deep space helping him and Hill coordinate things? Maybe actually still out on her own surviving underground incognito, off the radar? The blip and Skrull effect messes with my damn head too Read more

3/14/21 6:21PM

Yeah, “better than theatrical cut” could mean almost anything. You might as well describe a film as existing.

3/03/21 10:51PM

Sometimes the needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many. Did you not watch the whole damn movie?!?

2/25/21 1:20PM

Wow, had no idea this game was still up and about, but cool on the dev team to support it as long as they did.

2/24/21 2:40PM

LMAO, these schmucks kept selling it at like 20 dollars or something on the psn store up until recently. I hope they fucking go bankrupt.

2/15/21 8:30PM

The intensity of comp led me to mostly playing arcade. Even Mystery Heroes could get me a little heated sometimes, but it was a vacation compared to the way people act (or the way I felt) in competitive.

I’d be willing to be this is a pretty common story, haha.

1/25/21 10:12AM

It’s ok, I’m sure you can find those pictures if you search for a little longer. You can do it!

1/25/21 9:13AM

For indecent exposure? You’re setting that bar low man.