Mzz DeBurgos
9/07/18 8:40AM

You’re greyed here boss. You were only pulled out because I made the mistake of responding to you.

9/07/18 12:59AM

Yeah, I’m not. I was slapped awake at school once. I was post-ictal after having a seizure. You don’t know WHY the kid is sleeping- what home is like, medical issues (diagnosed or otherwise). You don’t need to threaten with violence. 

9/06/18 3:14PM

Lol yeah, dude, the left is more likely to lose “an actual fight?” I’m relatively sure the few badasses you’re thinking of on the right will be heavily outweighed (no pun intended) by the army of nerf-armored neckbeard man-children that share their ideology. Read more

9/06/18 3:10PM

Wow and you tell another poster to come out of the closet when you keep pressing if I am transgender.. Read more

9/06/18 3:06PM

Nah. As a teacher, if a kid’s sleeping during class, there isn’t a thing you can do to remedy the situation at that moment. When you’re tired, you’re tired, and kids don’t get enough sleep.  If he wakes up, is he suddenly going to turn into a model student? Read more

9/06/18 2:36PM

Riiiiggghhht.  Because you right wingers are such tough guys.  Hence your constant fear of everything and everyone including your own shadows.  I’ve never met a conservatard that wasn’t a raging pussy.

9/06/18 2:08PM

It’s quite a bit easier to kill someone with a Taser than with a teaspoon of water.

9/06/18 1:27PM

Even if they all decided he was faking it - they all literally stopped the learning for the other kids in the class to do this?  That’s super irresponsible, plus gives the faking sleep kiddo attention, which is what those kind of jokers crave.  Ignore him, teach the other kids, if faking is the thing.  But stopping Read more

9/06/18 1:20PM

I’m fucking not, this isn’t your same age bro’s thinking it was a “good” idea to wake someone up jackass style. Maybe we should throw fireworks near the kid or better yet, discharge a firearm near his ears as to wake him up. Read more

9/06/18 1:14PM

Are you okay with creating a hostile learning environment? That’s what is happening here. It sets a precedent for the entire class/school that you aren’t safe from the people who are supposed to keep you safe.

9/06/18 1:08PM

How? It’s like shooting a gun in the air to quieten a room, it looks cool in movies but would be a pretty psychopathic act everywhere else

9/06/18 1:03PM

You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone on the left as heinous as Nazis and white supremacists. Antifa isn’t as bad, since you’re almost certainly leading to that.

9/06/18 1:00PM

Job well done officer. We also have a toilet clogged can you use your gun to see if you can unplug it?

9/06/18 12:56PM

I’m not. This is just stupid, and there are many ways beyond using a potentially lethal device to wake an unresponsive person. This is at the maturity level of me poking my brother in the ear with the end of a broken Hula Hoop to wake him up...when I was 9.

9/06/18 9:01AM

Nice. I’m all for punching Nazis and white supremacists, and being willing to face legal ramifications shows strength in those convictions. It’s good to know that there are people in the legal system that recognize that these assholes have it coming.