Mzz DeBurgos
8/09/18 2:00PM

So damn racist! I refuse to visit their country, those assholes will never get a cent from me. Read more

8/02/18 4:33PM

Yeah, my time on The Root has proven to me that people seem to have extremely limited views on what a Latinx person may look like. Latinx people, we can be Jewish, we can be Asian, we can be Black and still be Latinx. Read more

8/01/18 2:41PM

You do understand that there are people who do not identify with either genders, right?!? 

8/01/18 2:40PM

How old are you? And most importantly, is this your first time using the internet?!? If so, congrats!! Seriously, this must be a very exciting time for you. It seems as if you are a bit (and I mean A LOT!!) behind on the times, especially in regards to the happenings within your very own community. Read more

7/02/18 2:20PM

Yup, many schools rely on some sort of program that will tell them how “competitive” this applicant is (other unfortunate schools do it by hand). This information is heavily dependent on having 3-4 years of challenging courses in English, Math, Sciences, Language, etc. I’m thinking that since he skipped two grades, Read more

6/28/18 5:05PM

I can’t answer that question for you because I’m not Mexican. For many Latinx ethnicities, we mostly share the language (not really the culture), sometimes religion, and the history of being colonized. Das it. Read more

6/28/18 4:38PM

Yes, but the best way to prevent any revolutions from even beginning is by convincing people that their neighbors are actually their enemies, and that those in power have best interest in your own well-being. You just have to patiently way your turn for all of that goodness to trickle down to you!

6/28/18 4:31PM

No la negra is correct. The Spanish language genders its nouns and La is a feminine noun. Saying la negra mujer is just repeating that the person whom you are talking about is (or presenting) a woman.

6/28/18 4:26PM

Thanks! I was going to say the exact same thing. As an Afro-Latinx I know when a follow Latinx is being racist by the particular word they decide to use when describing someone who is Black.

6/28/18 4:19PM

Hmm, what’s your definition of “not a lot”? Like is 1.4 million under “not a lot” or over? Anyways, a significant number (1.2% of population, 1.4 million, as of 2015) of Afro-Mexicans were finally recognized by Mexico. That sounds like a really healthy number of people being ignored by their country. 

6/28/18 4:12PM

They are both colorist and anti-Black. My statement can be corroborated by any Afro-Latinx whose first racist experience was most likely from their very own compatriota. 

6/28/18 4:05PM

So wild! That in order to be believed as a survivor of sexual assault you need to have credible witnesses to verify your very own horrific experience. Apparently, if a person does not immediately share that they have been victimized then it maybe wasn’t that bad???? Read more