Myrna Minkoff
Apr 27 2018

Only the most developed palates can handle rubbing alcohol infused with a pine cone, you Philistine.

Nov 5 2017

Misfit didn’t attack him OR wish this assault upon him, so people need to stop with the pearl-clutching. Not feeling much empathy for Rand Paul hardly rises to “you’re a horrible person” levels of evil.

Aug 28 2017

I assume that Sansa and Arya’s disagreements before that meeting were legitimate, and Littlefinger’s plans were working for a time. Notice that Sansa told Littlefinger, “I know I’m a slow learner, but I DO learn.” So she and Arya became chummy offscreen. Read more

Jul 17 2017

OP also doesn’t give him enough credit for resourcefulness. Jorah gets shit done.

May 25 2017

I can just imagine his home life and I’m pretty sure he’s rolling in the puss already.

May 20 2017

It is very very pretty (it’s custom McQueen if anyone is curious). I love how demure and appropriate is deemed “old lady.” She’s the Duchess of Cambridge at her sister’s daytime wedding yet some people would still rather see her in, IDK, a sequined cocktail dress at 11 a.m. Would that we all be old ladies who look Read more

May 18 2017

Agreed. The “don’t speak ill of the dead” crowd forget that Ailes was an objectively terrible human being with no apparent redeeming values. Read more

May 18 2017

As the late great Pratchet said about Vorbis: “…the worst thing about [him] isn’t that he’s evil, but that he makes good people do evil” Read more

May 18 2017

The damage caused by Roger Ailes is truly breathtaking in its impact and scope. Professionally, he was a proto-Rove Richard Nixon accomplice and enabler who went on to found the most powerful and pervasive propaganda network in modern history, which was profoundly responsible for training millions to disregard Read more

May 10 2017

From the sound of it, making better investment decisions than you and your wife.