Myrna Minkoff
Aug 10 2013

I do this, and it helps. I like potato chips — but not enough to justify the calories, so I put them on my ban list. French fries I *love* so much that I can totally justify the calories — so they're on the "in moderation and only when you really want them" list. Read more

Apr 2 2013

A HUGE thank you to whoever it was who suggested creatively modifying part of my street address to come up with a company name. (Was it you Hideyourpearls? I'm so sorry I can't remember who said it.) Read more

Mar 27 2013

Dafuq? A good 75% of people I've had to deal with today have been stark raving mad. Is there a full moon tonight? Is it the fluroide in the water? What the hell is going on with people?