1/13/20 3:04PM

Environmental toxicologist here - it won’t rinse out, it’s used to water proof clothing.  However, these are large compounds that are not likely to cross the skin barrier in high enough concentrations to cause the cancers associated with PFAS, those are caused by this chemical primarily in drinking water.  So unless Read more

11/05/18 5:32PM

Born again Christian Avril Lavigne is more punk than voting Republican.

11/05/18 2:04PM

Does it really matter if we don’t know what Kinky Friedman thinks?

9/19/18 2:11PM

Oh, goody! Unless the Vikings are in it this year (which....LOLOLOLOLOLOL 4EVA) I can ignore the Superb Owl!

9/18/18 5:47PM

I hope the Secret Service changes his nickname to ‘champignon’. They can tell him it means champion. He won’t know the difference. 

6/15/18 1:10PM

This issue could clearly only be worked out in court. Abramovitz sued Lee for $300,000 and won. The judge tacked on an extra $50,000 for “her despicable interference in Mr. Abramovitz’s career.”
Read more

6/12/18 12:39PM

This is FAR too simplified. If Katie had looked into it, she would find that the citizens of Seattle have supported so many tax hikes. Now there is a rebellion. Jeff is one vote, not the thousands that signed a petition to revoke the tax. Read more

5/17/18 11:00AM

I’ll admit that it took me waaaay longer than it should have to realize this same thing.
Where’d that critical eye go?.

4/03/18 2:38PM

Random tips-
1. Shop around for daycare. All the stuff online says you need Montessori or whatever from day 1 or your kid is screwed. They spend the first 3 years playing. Anything that fits your work hours and is safe is good. I love my daycare and they are $400/cheaper than the big box fancy guys.
2. Diapers- if you Read more

2/06/18 5:34PM

They can’t do a study because it would be unethical to put pregnant ladies in a drinking and non-drinking group. And the full NYT article talks about how gathering evidence after the fact is difficult because moms don’t want to participate and self-report their levels/times of drinking. So the CDC has to err on the Read more

1/29/18 3:46PM

Replying here to highlight the work of Immigration Equality. I’ve worked with them for years. They do a phenomenal job of both lobbying for- and defending- the rights of LGBTQ immigrants. If you’re looking for an organization to which you can donate time and or money- please consider it!

12/01/17 4:17PM

Not to get too misandrist but I’m starting to think we should just ban men. I’m kind of joking, but like, only kind of?

11/09/17 5:42PM

You used the word unfounded a lot. I am not going to go all Princess Bride here, but if there’s one thing we learned, it’s that the NYT article put to rest the idea that the rumors were unfounded.
Read more

8/18/17 1:07PM

My (overvalued) $.02:

This is window dressing, a meaningless gesture to appease ‘traditional Conservative Republicans’ and the Generals.

Bannon will say he will continue to support the Circus Peanut’s agenda, early Redditors/Breitfarters will be mad initially but briefly, and the bullshit will continue. Read more

6/06/17 12:40PM

That is the face of the man who did the most to compromise the progressive movement for the next two generations. He should be booed off every stage he stands on from now until the day he dies.