12/27/19 4:31PM

But the jury is still out on that, actually. You can certainly reduce your A1C on keto because you aren’t eating carbs. But your body isn’t actually processing them any better. It’s not fixing your insulin resistance. It’s just not giving your insulin a reason to go up. If you feel like you can do it for the rest of Read more

12/26/19 1:38PM

This is a little bit of a lazy reporting (and I know this is an old article, but f it, I’m commenting anyway). I’m no Bloomberg fan, but using prisoners as call center employees is incredibly common. Lots and lots of businesses do it. There’s several vendors with this business model. Laying the blame at Bloomberg’s Read more

4/29/19 10:40PM

Yeah no RA in those dorms because they don’t let freshmen live there. I think they only assigned RAs to freshman dorms and the New Dorms.

4/29/19 10:39PM

Having said that, you would still noticed a grown man going in and out every day. But just chiming in to say it’s not like he was on a floor with hundreds of students in a building.

4/29/19 10:38PM

I lived in Slonim 8, next door to Slonim 9 (but years before this whole mess). Those aren’t dorms in the traditional sense. They are more like townhouses (albeit fairly decrepit ones that a bunch of college students live in). You walk in, there’s a living room to your right, a kitchen to your left, stairs down to 4 Read more

6/12/18 2:33PM

I actually am not a huge fan of this tax, though I’m an executive at a company that would have been affected, and come on, $275/person/year or whatever it was is not a big deal at all. Think of it this way: Their salaries could be $275 higher and then you’d owe that + other taxes. So the opposition to it from a cost Read more

5/17/18 7:15PM

Same. I mean, I figured an extra hand wouldn’t make it into final production - not something that obvious - but there have been so many cover shot photoshop fails I was like “Well maaaaybe.” Then I saw the leg and I was like “oooh okay.”

2/06/18 11:34PM

And wasn’t there a listeria outbreak in cantaloupes a few years back? So... yep. Just don’t eat, preggos!

1/22/18 5:15PM

Okay, but making bidets trendy is a really good idea. Nothing made me more cognizant of how dumb it is that we wipe our butts with dry paper more than potty training my toddler. Read more

8/18/17 1:12PM

This. Totally. Bannon is the sacrificial racist lamb among a whole pack of ‘em that are still there.

6/06/17 12:56PM

I think I’m the only person in the universe who likes Martin O’Malley.

5/17/17 2:59PM

Depends. I volunteer at a municipal shelter that is certified no kill. We have an extensive group of foster parents and we never move our dogs from our shelter to high-kill shelters...I don’t know of any no-kill municipal shelter that does that. (“Certified No kill” just means they don’t euthanize for space; there Read more

5/17/17 2:55PM

Municipal shelters and rescues are two different things and I would encourage everyone to adopt from your municipal shelter if you can. 1) Fewer hoops because most are overstretched and 2) Rescues often get the “most highly adoptable” dogs from municipal shelters and upcharge on them. I’m not saying this is Read more

4/03/17 4:13PM

Me too. And I thought it was kinda irresponsible (?) of her therapist not to warn her that she was at probably, statistically, the most dangerous point in her abusive marriage (the point at which she decides to leave). Nor irresponsible, but I was like “You couldn’t have told her to get a secret burner phone?”