Contraception Failure
Sep 1

Considering the first nuclear reactor built for civil purposes began operation in 1954, it would take another decade or two for them to become prevalent enough to make an impact on energy usage, and the assumption that anti-nuclear activism probably didn’t have much impact until the major failures of the late ‘70s and Read more

May 28

I don’t want Stephanie Beatriz as Batwoman. I want Rosa Diaz as Batwoman.

Mar 5

Still 1000x better than the prequels. Although I’d be happier if everyone forgot the prequels, Disney movies, TV shows, and video games that stretched the vague world-building of the original trilogy way past the breaking point. I did like Rogue One, I have to admit.

Feb 20

As a parent, I can say I would have done exactly the same thing Seven did. And while Picard felt the need to lecture her that “vengeance is murder,” I’m pretty sure if Janeway had been there, she would have asked Seven to hand her a phaser so they could kill the gangster together. After all, if Seven was Icheb’s Read more

Feb 13

Listen you toxic piece of crap, I was watching TOS decades before TNG was even a thing. I was getting Star Trek The Motion Picture toy sets from McDonalds when the film was in theatres. Bring your garbage ass gate keeping bullshit attitude somewhere else. Read more

Feb 13

Again, nothing needless about it. Had the other series existed in a time where there was not restriction placed on language, they would have had it as well, matter of fact, each series had profanity, and depending on your definition, each series as time progressed in each era had more and more, as restrictions have Read more

Feb 13

Clearly, you’ve built up Star Trek in your head to be something it’s never been. Either that, or you’ve never actually watched any of it before ever.

Jan 10

Yup. We have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Any response of “over pc” of “snowflake” or “triggered” is really just a fearful response refusing to be uncomfortable with the truth that is being white means conditioned over generations to be racist. Not necessarily KKK or Nazi racism - thats obvious - but Read more

Jan 10

Late to the party white dude probably in the grays here, but you couldn’t be more correct. We’re all fucking racist. Every single one of us had someone in our lives when we were young who was just openly hateful, and that sticks. Some of us just try to cut that shit out or bury it down. But it’s still there. And Read more

Jan 9

And woe betide anyone who tries to explain that white privilege doesn’t mean that a white person’s life won’t suck, it means that if it sucks it’s not because they’re white. Read more

Jan 9

You just done paid for site operation for a month with the incelwaffen hate clicks this is gonna generate.

Dec 23

They must have done more than one, because I distinctly remember Candice Bergen interviewing him in the one I saw. Read more