Contraception Failure
10:52 PM

Jesus. Events like this absolutely rend my heart.

Mental health is every bit as important as physical health. If you are having emotional/mental issues, seek help. For every person that scoffs, there are many more who will assist.

10:20 PM

Riding on the street is challenging at the best of times, and requires a skillset unlike any other form of private ground locomotion. If this is fake, little Tiffany is insulting every single rider out there, those that have or haven’t been down, to say nothing of those who’ve died in an off. If I believed in Hell I’d

11:37 PM

I mean, you could have stopped at the pic of the M37 and you would have had a strong post, but you follow it up immediately with the M56 Scorpion, which is where you get into some next-level production armor obscurity.

5:22 PM

In days of yore I met a really attractive woman at a bar I liked to frequent. She was intelligent, funny, well-read, and nerdy, and I was fairly certain I was playing out of my league, but stuck to my guns. Early in the encounter she made a witty crack about one of us being a serial killer and we volleyed that back

10:36 AM

I love them all, but the Sierra Pickup Style seems like it’s targeted at me.
If only they would import them and TAKE. MY. MONEY.

10:44 PM

So just like that, I’m all in. Pike is a fantastic actress and surely has the gravitas for Moiraine. I can’t think of anyone I’d prefer to see in the role (though I think Emily Blunt would have been a good choice as well).

9:16 PM

I’d pay $500 to have all my Micronauts toys back, and I wouldn’t think twice about it. Hell, I wouldn’t even think once, I’d just go all doe-eyed and bust out my credit card.

2:02 PM

Certain autos lack an external slide-stop lever, plus numerous combat handgun instructors favor pulling the slide back to chamber a round for reliability’s sake.

11:53 AM

This is the first bit I’ve seen that has made me go “Oh, yeah I need to see this in the theater.”

8:28 PM

John Wick is a goddamned masterpiece of action films, thank-you very much!
The rest you put forth, though... yeah...

11:57 AM

I bought my first bottle of Willette about 5 years ago based on the bottle alone (I’d never heard of it at the time) for $35 I think, and I was blown away.
I rarely see it and it’s generally priced considerably higher when I do, but it’s definitely a must buy

12:57 AM

This. I would have been completely pleased (overjoyed, in fact) with a 3 part series that defined Han’s character like the Brian Daley books; Some space-swashbuckling with influential but ultimately peripheral supporting characters that serves to reinforce the pirate/pilot we meet in ANH.