My hovercraft is full of eels
May 10

Nice, but the camera’s image sensor is in need of some cleaning.

May 1

Yeah, no surprise there.
Basically, the 2020 airshow season is dead, at least here in Europe. Some events scheduled for September still stand... but not for long, I guess.

Jan 10

Nice. I took this last year in Madrid (to where I flew on LATAM’s Dreamliner, btw).

Oct 28

I had a similar one as a rental a couple of weeks ago. Not bad.

Sep 16 2019

I have one of those Toledos at home, but with the engine that replaced the VR5 (1.8T, which was also available in the US).

And trust me, you don’t want the 1.6 turbo from the Mini.

Jul 15 2019

Well, you’re probably better off there. :-) I had no idea this Red Bull knock-off was exported that far.

Jul 14 2019

Wait a second... are you in Hungary?

Mar 24 2019

They also have a pretty awesome airshow (jointly with the Austrian Air Force) every 2 or 3 years in Zeltweg - not far from the F1 racetrack, BTW.

Jan 8 2019

The local police department did the same in my hometown. The cut-out officer was stolen within a couple of weeks.

Jan 1 2019

I prefer Aldi to its two competitors on the local market (Lidl and Penny Market). Some of our products are pretty good, so I’d do my entire shopping there. The only problem is: there’s no Aldi store in walking distance from my home, and I rarely get in the car just to do some shopping. Read more

Nov 30 2018

They only retired the reconnaissance version (so did Turkey). BTW, I happened to come across a couple of the Turkish Rhinos at an airshow this summer.

Nov 25 2018

I never thought I’d see Hungarian export plates here.

Nov 24 2018

I Hungary, the country’s first Renault-dealer started his career (and earned the money for the business) in the 1980s by improving Dacias. Read more

Nov 3 2018

This dude should really change his wipers.

Oct 5 2018

I love these videos, because I can show them to the people whining about the local Red Bull Air Race. :-D

Sep 19 2018

I used to have a Moskvich when I was a kid. Well, sort of...

Aug 20 2018

This was taped in southern Slovakia. Anyway, I’ve been to Poland a couple of times and I concur. In fact, I’m going there this Thursday.

Aug 14 2018

And speed traps. I have been caught speeding only once in my life, and that was in Poland. Nevertheless, the cop was lenient, and I managed to talk down the fine from 300 PLN to 100.