Dec 31

You’re right, that is dumb and wasteful.  You should buy the Accord and rent a pickup for the few times a year you do truck stuff.

Dec 10

Hell Corner, Mountain Straight, Griffins’ Bend, The Cutting, Reid Park, Sulman Park, MacPhillamy Park, Skyline, The Dipper, The Esses, Forrest’s Elbow, Conrod Straight, The Chase, Murray’s Corner.

Dec 10

The last Aussie Holdens all roll out, quietly, in resignation. Sad eyes follow, hearts fallen. The hushed applause starts to subside, giving way to introspection, memories... the workforce resigned, tears in their eyes as they come back to earth and reality. Minutes pass...

Dec 10

The days of these basically identical models were numbered when GM sold Opel to PSA back in 2017, and it feels a little weird that everyone is presenting this and the Buick announcement from last week as separate stories instead of being what they are; GM not owning the platform these cars are based on anymore, and it Read more

Oct 29

Because, in the united states instead of winding roads that had been used for centuries we had fairground horse tracks in the northern more populous states that we raced on. After the war the southern states emulated that with stock cars and organized it into what you see on TV, not that it wasnt also popular in the Read more

Oct 14

There is no such thing as a special Jeep. I'd buy this just to destroy it and make the world just slightly better off than before.

Oct 7

I had a buddy some years back who rode and he ended up at a Harley event just wearing normal street clothes and said he got all kinds of shit. His reply was “I don’t want to dress like I’m in the Village People”. Almost got in several fights, lol.