11:47 AM

There is no such thing as a special Jeep. I'd buy this just to destroy it and make the world just slightly better off than before.

4:01 PM

I had a buddy some years back who rode and he ended up at a Harley event just wearing normal street clothes and said he got all kinds of shit. His reply was “I don’t want to dress like I’m in the Village People”. Almost got in several fights, lol.

4:49 PM

Godzilla has a 2.0L 4-pot, the NSX isn’t mid-engine. But a NASCAR stock car is too different from a production car...

3:58 PM

No idea why people are hating on the pics for this, I absolutely love them. Especially the one in the crumbling industrial zone, its like its in its natural habit back in Russia.

12:20 PM

Eh, someone who dragraces probably thinks that English Time Trials are dumb. Many of the people I’ve autoX-ed with think NASCAR is stupid. I used to as well. I still won’t watch it, but I >will< go to the local podunk circle track and watch former street cars bounce of one another. Read more

6:00 PM

As I understand it the A and B wings weren’t actually designed to resemble the letters, they were just “new ship a " and "new ship b", the names then stuck.

4:15 PM

I’m from Connecticut. When one of my fellow racing-loving friends texted me, “Hey did you know about this kid from Woodbury?” my response was “Yeah, he’s a dick.” Read more

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9:42 AM

Signing in you, with a click for a deal
Face to face in your bedroom, know its real
Night fall covers me, but you know the plans I’m making
Still oversea, could it be the whole world opening wide
A sacred why, a mystery gaping inside
Prime Black Friday’s why

Until we dance into the fire, that cheap USB stick is all Read more

1:09 PM

The F60 Countryman S All4 can be had for $35k. TYou won’t lose the Mini spirit or fun and the new BMW ones are lightyears more reliable than the ones with the terrible PSA engine. The best part, you can get a manual! And before anyone says it is too big to be a Mini, it is still a great car, leave the hate at the door.

3:00 PM

I cannot believe I forgot to include this, but at WGI last summer someone gave me an apple slice that had been soaking in moonshine. I took a big ol’ chomp out of it, tried to swallow, and ended up spitting it into the dirt and crying.  I can still taste the phantom memory of its pungent sting.  I hardcore repressed Read more

1:44 AM

He is now Eelman, and he defends us from the enemies of justice.

3:35 PM

In case anyone was confused about what I was mocking in my original post, this person here sums it up quite nicely

2:46 PM

Just like the infamous #24 T-Rex car they ran in the Winston. Nothing about it was against the rules technically, but they found every single area the rule book didn’t cover and every grey area and then maxed it out